Arizona Lice Treatment Center Offers In-Home Lice Removal

October 16, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
PHOENIX, October 16, 2013 No Nit Noggins (, a specialty lice treatment center, offers an option for in-home lice treatment in Phoenix and Scottsdale. A lice infestation can be horrifying for anyone, but especially for children who have to miss school and might not understand that, though lice are annoying, they are harmless.

"Giving people the option to have their lice treated at home gives them more peace of mind," said Kim Pickens, owner of No Nit Noggins. "Kids who are treated in their own homes are comfortable and don't feel as scared as they might if they had to go to an unfamiliar setting to be treated."

About Lice

Head lice are parasitic insects no bigger than a sesame seed that feed on the warm blood in a human scalp. They lay eggs (or nits), typically at the base of the skull where it is warm and humid, which then hatch after approximately one week.

Lice can live on a scalp for about thirty days, at which point they have completed their life cycle. If they are removed from a scalp, or fall off, they can survive for up to two days with no food.

No Nit Noggins Method

Head lice can be problematic not just because of the itching or feeling that something is crawling around your head, but also because most schools have a "no nit policy" wherein children aren't allowed to attend school if they have lice, even if all that remains are the un-hatched nits.

No Nit Noggins, however, offers a Nit Free Certificate indicating to schools that children are completely nit and lice free.

No Nit Noggins utilizes the revolutionary Larada Sciences technology AirAllé. AirAllé is an FDA-cleared medical device for professional use that distributes controlled heat and air onto the scalp to dehydrate lice and nits. It is the only system that is clinically proven to be 99.2 percent effective against lice and their eggs. One session takes about thirty minutes, followed by a thirty-minute comb-out to remove dead casings.

Lice Free Guarantee

Besides expertise in removing head lice, No Nit Noggins offers a 14-day guarantee that customers will be completely lice free. If re-infestation occurs, the treatment will be applied again, free of charge.
About No Nit Noggins

No Nit Noggins is a lice treatment center owned and operated by Kim Pickens. No Nit Noggins uses the innovative technology, AirAllé, a chemical-free FDA cleared lice treatment device that is proven safe and effective. No Nit Noggins serves multiple areas in Arizona.