Texas beats out California, Oklahoma, and Florida in truck sales

October 17, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
In Texas everything is bigger than life, including its vehicles. You'll see few economy-sized compacts or sedans on the roads here. Here in Texas, it's the pickup truck that dominates the roads. And now Texas is dominating the sale of pickups across the nation, great news for truck companies like Ford, GM, and truck decal companies like Custom Vinyl Graphics.

With trucks one of every five vehicles sold here, it's no surprise that the number of trucks sold in Texas is more than the next three states'-California, Oklahoma, and Florida-sales combined. Nationally, trucks are one of every eight vehicles sold, which means that no other state matches the volume and opportunities of truck sales in Texas. With such a large market, vehicle manufactures like Toyota, Ford, and GM are fighting hard to gain ground in Texas. Winning popularity for their truck in Texas, says these companies, means dominating the market across the nation.

Texas's love of trucks stems from many factors. Here the motto "bigger is better" reigns, and the truck companies design with it in mind. Of course, the demand for trucks is created largely by the main industries in Texas. The agriculture and energy sectors of the economy are driving up truck sales, creating the incentives for truck companies to dominate the Texas sales. With so many trucks on the roads, companies like Custom Vinyl Graphics are also seeing their business increase. Truck owners concerned with setting their truck apart are adding custom rear window decals and vinyl pin striping. With business so good, the battle to dominate the market in Texas is certainly heating up.

Toyota has responded to the need for bigger with its 4000 pound Tundra, while Chrysler has been toting its Truck of the Year award. Ford isn't afraid to play to its market with its slogan "We own work." Ford knows that the truck owners in Texas value the idea of hard work. While GM's sales have been slipping in this past year, they're also putting their stick into the market with their truck the High Country, a high end version of the Silverado. With more chrome on the outside and a polished leather interior, this truck offers a luxury feel in a hard-working body. GM is also coming out with heavy-duty versions of their Silverado and a Sierra truck in order to compete in the bigger is better market.

With a growing economy and increasing job market, Texas's demand for trucks is only likely to increase, so while trucks sales in other states may remain high, it'll be Texas that has the eye of all the major truck sellers and accessory business across the country.