Lamp Post Electrical Make The Most Of Stored Electricity

October 24, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Lamp Post Electrical have noted that there is a definite requirement to consider all sorts of energy usages when considering household heating systems and there have been some changes over the years which have turned old systems which seem to have run their life span into new and exciting means of energy usage. To this purpose the electrical storage heater seemed to have run its course but there are now places where it is a definite front runner in being able to reduce electrical power usage and hence reduce energy running costs.

Lamp Post Electrical are very pleased to promote the Elnur ADL 4042 4kW Fan Storage Heater as well as the 3kW and 2kW models. These storage radiators are excellently made and are finished in good white enamel, which does not change colour with heat and looks quite attractive. The size of this radiator is some 99cm x 66cm x 24cm, which is generally quite small although they do come out from the wall more than a normal radiator. The structure of the storage radiator is a case holding some excellent refractory bricks, which are heated by an electrical heater. The heat is retained in the unit by some exceptional insulation systems and the heat is removed from the storage heater by a low speed fan, which is operated by a room thermostat.

Lamp Post Electrical note that the range of storage heaters has improved massively over the past few years and is now exceptionally controllable with very low levels of natural heat loss. It is the efficiency levels and the ability to control just when the heat is emitted that is the major improvement on the system. Electricity is sold at different prices for different times of the day and the white meter tariffs for use of electricity overnight allows the heat input into the heater to be carried out at the lowest cost. The heat release can then be carried out at the peak times of the day but the cost is obviously low. Lamp Post Electrical note that the Elnur ADL 4042 4kW Fan Storage Heater is one of the best around and is offered at a very reasonable price.

Lamp Post Electrical note that the storage heater is ideal for the small building or apartment where the cost of a boiler is very high and the installation of gas to the premises may be high or often prohibited in the case of an apartment block. The storage radiator however can be extremely competitive in this instance and is well worth considering.

Lamp Post Electrical also note that the storage radiator has found a new lease of life in the "green" energy market where a daytime solar panel source can supply cheap energy which can be stored until required in the evening or early morning. It also has its usages along with heat pump systems where a regular heat supply can be stored and used at times of maximum demand.

Lamp Post Electrical is delighted with its Elnur products and are only too pleased to discuss them further.