Motorsports Marketing Agency Advises Businesses to Look for 2014 Marketing Opportunities Now

October 28, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
PHOENIX, ARIZONA (October 28, 2013) Phoenix based Motorsports Marketing Agency High Speed Exposure wants to get a message to Corporate America. That message is "now is the time to consider a 2014 motorsports marketing campaign, if you are ever going to consider one."

For the past several years, racers at all levels of motorsports have been sidelined due to a lack of funds and this includes many professionals who at one time made a very good living doing what they love. Anthony Kirlew, who manages High Speed Exposure, stated "a racer might be great behind the wheel but not so good explaining the marketing benefits or potential return on investment to a company marketing director." Kirlew heard this first hand from a local race team who he connected with in 2009. The team owner said, "we know how to race and we know how to win but we don't know how to sell the team and that's why we need your help."

Companies need to know that there are many levels at which they can participate in motorsports marketing. For example, local race sponsorships can run a few hundred dollars per race, which can be very affordable for small businesses and leading up to a NASCAR sponsorship, which can run in the multi-million dollar range for a season with lots of room in between.

As far as expected returns, each level of racing presents a different level of potential market exposure. Some deals can come with TV coverage, some offer corporate entertainment, and others can include endorsement deals or driver appearances. According to Kirlew, "everything is negotiable, but you will never know what is possible until you start asking questions".

As an example of a low cost-to-entry sponsorship, Kirlew's firm currently has a rare associate sponsorship opportunity with a NHRA Professional Motorcycle race team for under $8,000 for a full race season. To learn more about this or other opportunities in motorsport sponsorships, you can contact High Speed Exposure at

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High Speed Exposure is a boutique motorsports marketing agency with a two-fold mission. First, to educate brand marketers as to the effectiveness of motorsports marketing and second to connect brands with winning teams in an effort to grow their brand while creating a positive return on the marketing investment. For more information, visit their website at: