LeadLedger Releases Top Content Marketing & Native Advertising Rankings

October 28, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
LeadLedger, the popular provider of sales and marketing intelligence & lead generation, today released the list of the top 25 paid content marketing, syndication and native advertising networks. The rankings are based on over two dozen native ad networks indexed across over 1 million websites in October, 2013. Unlike other listings which rely on sampling or subjective criteria, LeadLedger calculates network rankings using an objective, data-driven process.

As news sites and publishers work to better monetize each page view, the adoption of content marketing tools has exploded. Today NBC, CNN, Fox and thousands of premium sites use native advertising tools that provide related content below articles and content. According to eMarketer, 73% of publishers currently offer native advertising, with another 17% planning to offer this option.

The top content marketing providers represent the most prevalent paid recommendation tools across the internet. Looking at winning networks and exchanges, Outbrain dominates the competition while the Buzzfeed network has grown share by over 50% over the last six months.

The top 20 of the 26 listed content marketing tools for Q4, 2013:
1 Outbrain
2 BuzzFeed
3 Taboola
4 Content.Ad
5 Gravity
7 nRelate
8 Zemanta
9 Feedbox
10 ShareThrough
11 Nativo
12 ZergNet
13 Adfusion
14 Unruly Media
15 Scribol
16 Adyoulike
17 OneSpot
18 Markerly
19 ThoughtLeadr
20 Engageya

The comprehensive rankings including marketshare information are available at:

With this release, LeadLedger has objectively listed the highest reach content networks on the internet. Top marketing and sales teams use such lists to identify new prospects, monitor marketshare and generate marketing materials.

About LeadLedger
LeadLedger is San Francisco based startup focused on digital competitive sales intelligence. LeadLedger provides sales leads and competitive intelligence spanning dozens of verticals and thousands of businesses. LeadLedger boasts a client base with a market cap of over $400BN - ranging from SMBs to Fortune 500 companies.

At the core of LeadLedger is a proprietary technology platform that evaluates millions of sites, known client lists, and other third party data sources to understand the vendors and tools utilized by companies. With LeadLedger, sales executives can identify qualified prospects, digital executives can monitor market trends, and professionals throughout an organization can understand competitor technology usage.