Second online Arabic conference will be on 15th December

October 30, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
October 30, 2013 - The second Arabic content conference starts on 15 December which is organized by and a number of other partners. And it is honored by Jordanian Prince Hassan Bin Talal, in the compound of King Hussein of Jordan's capital Amman.

Many specialists will be speaking at the conference different areas as Internet domain and modern media and bloggers as well as a number of the founders of the websites.

Rami Abu Omar, CEO of, speaks about the aim of conference , he said that the conference creates the opportunity for all the specialists and experts in the Arab World to participate in order to discuss the possible ways and the good success stories which may improve the quality and the quantity of the Arabic content in different levels such as social, historical, religious and other levels which, when published, it can improve and help the Arabic user through rehabilitation within a reliable knowledge base for the current user and future generations in the future.

The conference will include eleven sessions; the first one will discuss "The reality of digital Arabic content between quality and expansion, recent statistics and technical developments. The second session will be about" Contact companies and facts about user behavior, applications and content. "The third session will be about the investment issue in the Arabic content.

Fourth Session considers models of programs and production and YouTube-aimed movies and comedies. Digital transformation will be discussed in the fifth session a session devoted to discuss the challenges of bridging the gap between traditional content printed content to digital.

For the sixth and seventh sessions are focused on the role of media and marketing companies in the development of digital content, while covering the eighth and ninth session the role of mobile applications and iPad to enrich the Arabic content.

In the end, the conference concludes its research in emerging projects in terms of their ability to overcome the challenges and how to manage its staff to protect it from sagging administrative and increase production efficiency and maintain the expertise of leave.

The Conference invites on all interested and keen to support and develop the Arabic content, and make it an effective sector and a contributor to raise the level of the Arab presence boiling Internet.

It should be noted that seeks to enrich the content network in our community and raise the level of quality of the content and reading, quality and knowledge in order to develop the Arabic content on the World Wide Web.