MagicPay Announces its Entrance to the Retail Market

October 30, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
October 30, 2013 - MagicPay is a South Florida based merchant services company offering payment solutions to businesses nationwide. Since its establishment in early 2012 it has focused on mobile merchants that needed payment processing solutions while on-the-go. On Thursday, October 24th, management has announced its entrance to the retail market. While bringing some new features and services that would help small businesses grow MagicPay is trying to change its image of being just another credit card processing firm and tries to create a new image of a company that helps small businesses grow.

Competition in the mobile credit card processing industry has led MagicPay officials determine to change path and target a different niche of the merchant services industry. While still offering mobile and online payment solutions to businesses nationwide, MagicPay is trying to focus on retail stores and businesses and bring new features and services that would help them grow. Since its establishment in 2012, MagicPay has continuously put many efforts in keeping its ongoing credibility and customer satisfaction rate. That came into action by offering live customer support reps, free products and services and personal care by its employees.

The way management is planning on implementing the new strategy is by offering free credit card equipment, social and mobile marketing software, accounting software, POS integration and the new gift cards and rewards program. While providing reasonable and affordable rates and fees, MagicPay tries to step away from being the cheapest merchant services company out there and tries to let merchants realize that credit card processing rates are not so important if the merchant services company truly helps your business grow and increases merchant's revenue.

An ongoing concern for retail businesses that use POS software is to find a merchant services provider that would be able to integrate to the present POS system and setup a new credit card processing account without jeopardizing the existing POS software and settings. MagicPay works with multiple payment gateways and programs that allow it to integrate to most POS systems quickly and easily. It has setup a new technical support department that specializes in POS payment gateway integration in order to make the process as easy as possible for transferring merchants.

Despite growing competition in the retail sector management believes that due to new features and services it offers its merchants MagicPay would experience an increase in growth from retail merchants. Instead of presenting MagicPay as a credit card processing company that would like to make money on merchants' revenue it attempts to change the image to a company that helps merchants obtain sustainable growth and increase future profits and consumer confidence in their brand. In other words, as an officer at MagicPay said at a recent top management meeting, "It is not about us, it's about our merchants".