Revolutionary new name databases set for December release

November 04, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
November 4, 2013 - Last Friday database makers Peacock Data demonstrated beta versions of two new product upgrades, pdNickname 2.0 and pdGender 2.0, in front of participants gathered in their Chatsworth, California offices.

The company CEO started the event by explaining, "These products have been in development for five years and just passed a one-year milestone in field testing."

pdNickname is a highly regarded name and nickname database on the market since June 2009. pdGender, originally released at the same time, is based on an identical set of names and is designed as a full-featured gender coding database.

The new editions are set for release before the end of 2013 and the company's website is promoting these packages as "revolutionary."

According to the CEO, "In addition to becoming much more useful for businesses and organizations working with lists of names; students, teachers, and researchers benefit because both of these new products are now fully suitable for extensive study in the fields of anthroponymy, onomatology, ethnology, and linguistics."

The new features of these products took up the entire space of a large-screen monitor and three over-sized whiteboards, but customers will be most interested in a large number of additional names and the accompanying details about them.

New features include:

pdNickname 2.0:

  • Origin of the name
  • Language or languages of usage
  • Type of relationship for name pairs (short form, diminutive, variant, form, transcription, opposite gender form, etc.)
  • Gender based on the language and situation of use
  • Multiple new relationship flags for greater precision
  • Anthroponomastic, onomastic, etymologic, and linguistic information

  • pdGender 2.0:

  • Origin of the name
  • Language or languages of usage
  • Gender based on the language of use
  • Gender based on filtering criteria (such as American or Spanish lists)
  • Generic gender based on all languages using the name
  • Anthroponomastic, onomastic, etymologic, and linguistic information

  • Anyone purchasing current versions on or after November 1, 2013 will receive the upgrade for free the morning of release.

    Current owners can pre-order upgrades from the company's website.

    More information will become available on the company's website and on their blog during the coming weeks until release date.

    About Peacock Data

    Peacock Data are the makers of database products used by business, organizations, churches, schools, researchers, and government.

    Their flagship offerings include: pdNickname, a highly-regarded name and nickname product; pdGender, a gender coding database; pdGeoTIGER, a precision ZIP+4 and address range GeoCoding package; and pdCensus2010, with demographic data drawn from 2010 American census tabulations.

    The company's newest product is another demographics offering unveiled in May. pdACS2013 provides American Community Survey (ACS) estimates gathered from the U.S. Census Bureau and summarized at over 100 stratification levels.

    Peacock Data is a California-based company in business since 2003.