Splash And Relax Through The Winter In A Great British Hot Tub

November 01, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Splash and Relax are delighted to be able to supply hot tubs from a range of different suppliers but sometimes it is enjoyable to be able to promote a British Hot Tub and the British Spa Company make a number of excellent hot tubs in their UK manufacturing facility. There is sometimes the view that hot tubs and swimming pools can only be used in the summer and the onset of winter marks the beginning of the end of water activities for the season but the hot tub is an exception to the rule.

Hot tubs are used throughout the skiing season as a way of relaxing and toning up the muscles after a hard days skiing in preparation for the next day's skiing and often the evenings activities - there are also many other benefits to using hot tubs. Splash and Relax supply a range of Hot Tubs that are ideal for use through the winter and they can either be fitted on the patio or in the conservatory or even an internal room specially allocated for this purpose. Whatever the decision Splash and Relax has a Hot Tub to fit the space allocated and one that will happily deal with the weather conditions that abound in winter if the decision is to fit the tub outside.

Splash and Relax are delighted to promote the Cornwall Hot Tub fitted with 54 jets and manufactured by the British Spa Company. It fits in an excellent synthetic wood cabinet to maintain its integrity and with a good set of steps for easy entry into the tub. This hot tub is an ideal 5 person hot tub with 2 lounger seats and 3 massage barrier free bench seats and a good footwell with a number of massage jets completes the set up. The water is moved by 2 water pumps with a 3rd pump used to circulate the water. This reduces the noise level if the tub is placed next to a neighbour's fence or a similar requirement.

Splash and Relax note that the Cornwall Hot Tub supplies and controls its 54 jets with top quality equipment. The 4 hp pumps that supply water to the jets are Waterway and use large bore piping to maintain maximum flow rate. Balboa controls are known the world over and always treated with respect. Hydrotherapy jets are the key to any good water massage and the Cornwall Hot Tub uses excellent jets strategically placed in the acrylic shell for maximum effect. Warm bubbling waters increase the blood flow and stimulates endorphins, which help the healing process. Splash and Relax are particularly pleased with the high quality acrylic shell which is manufactured in a continuously cast acrylic with the different woven glass fibre layers combining with a dense urethane insulation to produce a very strong and attractive shell. The whole tub is excellently insulated to keep the winter from affecting the tub.

Splash and Relax note that this is a great time to prepare for those long winter evenings and install a tub to relax away those aches and pains after a hard day at work.