Pyramid Healthcare Publishes an Infographic on the Stages of Addiction Recovery

November 01, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Pyramid Healthcare, a Pennsylvania drug and alcohol rehab center, released an infographic explaining the five stages of change that people struggling with an addiction move through once they acknowledge their addictions and actively seek to repair their lives.

The five stages of change is a model used in psychology and healthcare to identify how far along a person is on his or her way toward recovery and healthy living. This helps inform healthcare workers at addiction treatment centers about what types of intervention are suitable at a given time. Not only could inappropriately-timed interventions be ineffective, but they may actually impair further efforts to motivate the individual to change. Becoming familiar with the different stages is also important for those recovering from an addiction so that they may better understand the process of recovery. By identifying which stage is most representative of him /her at that exact time in his or her recovery, the addict can best learn how to predict and control behavioral tropes.

The five stages are categorized as pre-contemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, and maintenance. Through these phases, people progress from outwardly denying their problem to questioning their behavior, accepting the problem as truth and deciding to act, taking active steps to change their behavior, and maintaining those lifestyle changes. The five stages of change for addiction recovery demonstrate to both healthcare workers and clients in addiction treatment centers that change does not occur as an abrupt event but gradually through effort and conscious choice.

For more information on the stages of drug addiction recovery, see the full infographic:

Pyramid Healthcare offers a full continuum of care for adults and adolescents addicted to drugs and/or alcohol in rehabilitation facilities located throughout Pennsylvania. Addiction treatment programs include detoxification, residential inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, halfway housing, transitional housing, and methadone/Suboxone maintenance therapy. To learn more about talking to a loved one about addiction or how committing to a rehabilitation program can help someone overcome an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol, contact a Pyramid Healthcare representative at or call 1-888-694-9996.