Genoo Successfully moves its Entire Database With Near-Zero Downtime Using dbShards/Migrate Software from CodeFutures

November 04, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
New Continuous Replication Solution Eliminates Downtime Typically Associated With Large Database Migration

BROOMFIELD, CO, Nov. 4 2013 CodeFutures introduces dbShards/Migrate, a new continuous replication technology solution that eliminates the major downtown typically associated with migrating a large database for an application across data centers or cloud environments.

Through the use of dbShards/Migrate, Genoo, a cloud-based provider of online marketing tools and automation for small and mid-sized companies, successfully moved its database from a private hosting environment to Google's Cloud SQL with a maintenance window of less than one-minute. Genoo was also able to perform the migration multiple times for testing from different databases and different hosting environments, including another cloud, without experiencing downtime for its users.

"The ability to seamlessly move databases from cloud to cloud, and data center to cloud, without the extreme downtime window and risk normally associated with this process is something customers like Genoo have been demanding," said Cory Isaacson, CEO/CTO of CodeFutures. "dbShards/Migrate also eliminates vendor "lock-in", giving our customers complete flexibility in their choice of environments for the mission critical databases their businesses rely on"

"dbShards/Migrate gives us the freedom to choose any cloud environment to host our database with little to no down time, which is crucial for our end-users that rely on our online marketing tools and services to be accessible 24/7," said Kim Albee, President of Genoo. "This also gives us the ability to grow and offer our customers around the world an agile environment in which they know their data is safe and uptime is maximized."

Typically it takes hours or days to move large databases (10s of GBs to Terabytes in size) for an application across data centers, from a data center to a cloud environment, or from a hosted Database As A Service (DaaS) to another environment. This results in extended downtime for the application. This approach particularly does not work for cloud-computing businesses that operate 24X7 and must be "always-on." This is especially problematic if a database is running on a DaaS where direct access to the underlying server is not supported — in this case, the traditional database vendor replication tools are not accessible.

The new dbShards/Migrate solution allows seamless replication of a database from any environment — data center, hosted DaaS, or cloud — to any other environment without extended downtime. dbShards/Migrate works outside the database engine, making it very flexible, easy and low-risk. Users can even perform multiple test runs of a migration to a new environment without service interruption.

dbShards/Migrate can also be used to maintain a warm-standby Disaster Recovery (DR) environment to protect against catastrophic failure by continuously replicating the source database to the DR site. It can even perform the process in reverse during recovery from a primary site failure. Additionally, dbShards/Migrate can reliably replicate to multiple remote environments, making a database geographically accessible around the world.

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CodeFutures is the supplier of dbShards, a leading suite of database scalability and reliability features that reduce dramatically increase deployed database scalability, performance and reliability. dbShards economically scales large, high transaction volume databases using database sharding, the database scalability architecture used by Internet leaders such as Flickr, YouTube, and Google. In addition, dbShards provides High Availability and Disaster Recovery features vital to always-on 24X7 operations.

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Genoo, LLC, is an integrated, all-in-one online marketing platform that gives small to mid-sized businesses the online marketing and marketing automation tools they need to attract new leads and convert them into customers. Genoo's mission is to give businesses the capabilities they need to excel in online marketing. Genoo's tools have enough flexibility and functionality for large corporations, but are affordable and accessible to every marketer who needs them.

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