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November 12, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
With the heightened awareness of global warming and the fear of depleting resources on planet earth, companies are turning to a more "green" approach when it comes to product lines. The "green" trend is catching on in the trade show industry as well. Many different trade show display companies are starting to offer more Eco-friendly lines.

Many businesses believe that sustainable is synonymous with more expensive and is therefore a luxury brand. This isn't the case. Trade Show Emporium chose a manufacturer that has been able to lower the overall cost, maintain durability and continue their easy of set up. One of the ways to reduce the overall cost of products is shipping. Since the manufacturer is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, shipping costs are greatly reduced for our North American clientele. Currently there are four different Eco-friendly product lines: Green Pop-Up Displays, Green Hybrid Displays, Banner Stands and Eco Friendly Flooring. All of the mentioned products are created from recycled or renewable resources such as bamboo, sorghum board and recycled soda bottles.

Pop-Up displays in the industry have been around for about twenty years, but now they are becoming the most universal environmentally responsible product at a trade show. Traditional Pop-Up displays are manufactured from petroleum-based materials, but newer, sustainable product lines of Pop-Up displays are made from different recycled materials. Such as in the case of The Breeze table top pop-up, the fabric panels are made from 100% recyclable soda bottles (called ECOSPUN fabric). The graphics that clients chose to put on the display are printed from 100% recycled poly propylene. And, the skeleton of the display (display frame and struts) are 100% recyclable. With most of the materials in this display made from green materials, it is one of the best Eco-friendly options offered.

Eco-Systems not only offers a great line of materials for green display options, but the company also offers a "reincarnation" process. This process is the recycling of old show displays so when clients are done displaying their items, landfills do not get the items. Instead, clients return their trade show display materials and Eco Systems take the displays and dismantles them. Once the displays are dismantled, the materials are put it into piles of the different types of materials used. For example, the display is broken down into pile of glass, wood and aluminum. After the materials have been correctly separated and labeled, Eco-Systems distributes them to the correct recycling facilities to be made into more recyclable products. So, not only do clients not have to worry about discarding their old displays, they can help with the green effort to ensure the health of planet earth.

It doesn't take long to see what options a business has when looking for a trade show display. Check the price points and see if a sustainable display is in your budget and is something your company appreciates. Sustainability of business and the environment fall hand in hand at many organizations, maybe even yours.

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