Adult Scoliosis Patients Find Hope With New Treatment

March 09, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Grand Blanc, MI – Due to the lack of conventional treatment options for adults with scoliosis, people with this spine disorder are often cast aside and forgotten by the medical community. But not anymore. A new treatment paradigm, called ScoliPAIN™, is gaining considerable attention among those afflicted with scoliosis.

The ScoliPAIN™ program is made up of a short course of clinical therapy, followed by specific home maintenance activities that help reinforce the corrective spine changes made during the clinical therapy. According to Mark Morningstar, DC, PhD, of the ScoliSMART Clinic of Michigan, "this program can help adult patients affected by years of scoliosis-related back and hip pain become pain relief and active again within one week of clinical therapy." Morningstar continues, "this program was created for the busy, time-restricted adult patient who probably has a job and a family. It gives the physician enough hands on time to develop an appropriate treatment plan, while still providing last relief through conservative scoliosis correction."

The ScoliSMART Clinics are the only clinics currently providing this new therapy for adult scoliosis patients. There are four locations throughout the United States from which patients can choose. The ScoliPAIN™ program is completed over a one-week period, followed by follow-up after three months of home care. "The results have been promising," says Morningstar, "Patients who have been facing years or even decades of ineffective pain management now have a real chance at life pain free."

The ScoliPAIN™ program is available to adult patients with a history of idiopathic scoliosis. It is currently available in four states: Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and New York. For those interested in receiving more information about the ScoliPAIN™ program, please visit for more details.

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