Saving Money at Trade Shows Isn't Hard To Do Part I

November 06, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Approached by Gerry Demple of Aspect Solar because of Trade Show Emporium's dedication to offering sustainable options for customers a partnership was formed. Aspect Solar and Trade Show Emporium believe in a quality over quantity, which hits both companies mission statements. After a few discussion about the partnership, we developed a goal to get trade show exhibitors off of the overly expensive energy for trade show booths. Combine this energy-saving product with an energy-efficient portable display to get off of the convention center grid.

Avoiding energy charges and hookups at conventions is one way to have your savings add up very quickly. Realize that every show, every convention, and every booth has a different amount associated with it for conventions, so prices unfortunately vary. Aspect Solar's EnergyBar is a generator that provides 250 watt-hours of power while weighing in at eight pounds. A quick look into Austin's Convention Center with one outlet (120 volt) can cost over $300, $71 for set up and $259 for power for the duration of the show. Multiply the amount of money it costs per show by the number of shows per year for your company, and the ancillary charges add up quickly.

If your company can invest more up front for your trade show booth, and has energy efficient lighting, the EnergyBar might be a great product to look at purchasing for $429. It is completely up to you as an exhibitor. Keep in mind that this generator works best with efficient equipment. Check for wattage compatibility to ensure that your company has power during the entire show. No one wants the lights to go out during business hours.

With a fully charged EnergyBar, a booth with LED lights can easily run on for one eight hour day. Charge it back up at the end of the night for the next day's use. Another small device that the EnergyBar can power throughout the day is a mobile hotspot. The benefit of using a Wi-Fi hotspot is that convention centers can charge up to $500 per show. Conventions control Wi-Fi and usually have one company that is in charge of hooking up your booth and providing service. Before your company goes out to buy one of these nifty devices, there are risks involved in using a mobile hotspot at your booth.

During a recent discussion with Smart City Networks, Denver Convention Center's Internet provider, it was discovered that a connection to the wireless network cost a minimum of $80 a day. Pretty high right? So why not use a mobile hotspot? Mobile hotspots are unfortunately frowned upon. So much so that if an exhibitor is caught, they can be charged $350 on the spot. If the convention staff can catch a company using a hotspot and how the convention staff catches individuals on the trade show floor remains a mystery. It might be worth the risk to set up a hotspot that has no link back to your booth to dodge the astronomical charges associated with Wi-Fi; the choice is yours.

It does make sense for a company that wants to get off of trade show power and has a booth that just needs lighting to use the EnergyBar. In the past customers have scoffed at LED lighting, but have come back realizing that energy can be expensive, depending on the show. A little research goes a long way; we hope this helps.

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