Internationally Renowned Rebbetzin Visits the Zion Orphanage

November 07, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
Jerusalem, Israel World renowned author, lecturer, and Holocaust survivor Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis recently visited Zion Jewish Orphanage. Rebbetzin Jungreis is so popular that she is known to many people around the world, including former President George Bush, simply as "The Rebbetzin."

Founded in 1900, Zion Orphanage is Israel's oldest orphanage, today the home to more than 100 boys, ages 7-18. Rebbetzin Jungreis' visit clearly delighted and inspired the children. As she appeared in the orphanage courtyard children crowded around her where she ended up speaking rather than where her speech was scheduled to take place, in the synagogue.

"Have you heard of Superman?' the Rebbetzin asked the boys. When her question brought nods and smiles of recognition, she said to them, "You are supermen? Each one of you can become a superman! .I brought you bags of sweets because you are all so sweet." The Rebbetzin was particularly moved when several boys from the Zion Orphanage, who at first seemed to politely refuse the candies, explained that they wanted only to receive the pekelach (bag of treats) from her directly and with a berachah (blessing) from her.

During her visit, Rebbetzin Jungreis inspired the children with stories of her own childhood. Having spent much of that childhood in a concentration camp, she took particular care to share messages of strength and hope. As "The Rebbetzin" later explained in her popular online column, she wanted to share her story as "a vaccine that will immunize them from all the evil of this world a vaccine that will allow them to believe that no matter where life launches them, there is nothing to fear because above them is our Father and He is always there."

Rebbetzin Jungfreis also spoke of how respectful the students were at Zion Orphanage and gave indications that she was as inspired by the children as they clearly were by her. Also known as Zion Blumenthal, the Zion Orphanage is dedicated to providing disadvantaged and homeless youth in Israel with the warmth, care and the education needed to develop into responsible adults and productive members of society.

About Zion Orphanage
The Zion Orphanage is the oldest orphanage in Israel. As a place of caring refuge, the orphanage welcomes boys of all backgrounds, instills them with confidence, and provides them with the education and skills to re-enter the world from a position of strength. The orphanage is located in the heart of the compact Mea Shearim and Geula area of Jerusalem in a self-contained compound. To find our how you can make a difference in the lives of the children, please visit