LeadLedger Launches Data Leakage, Pixel & Tracker Monitoring & Alerting Feature

November 11, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
LeadLedger, the popular provider of marketing and sales intelligence & lead generation, today launched a feature aimed at helping marketers and publishers understand data trackers, pixels and tracking tags on websites. With this enhancement to its popular $99/month service, LeadLedger enables site owners ongoing insight into where their valuable visitor & audience data may be leaking.

This data monitoring feature leverages LeadLedger's proprietary visitor simulation platform and a database of thousands of web pixels, trackers, and ad networks to provide timely notification as to new trackers and tags enabled on sites. The new offering is an enhancement to LeadLedger's existing marketing intelligence and sales prospecting service.

With this added visibility, site owners and web publishers can better understand which ad networks and publishers may be capturing and selling site audience data. Additionally, marketers and site operations staff can better understand which tracking pixels are causing site slowness and affecting customer experience.

LeadLedger research has shown that the average quantity of tracking beacons on websites has grown consistently over the last six months, with the top 10,000 sites on the internet averaging 16 tracking technologies and top Internet Retailer websites averaging 14. The category most likely to leak visitor data to third parties was news sites, likely a result of the reliance such sites have on third party advertising.

With this release, LeadLedger has introduced the first affordable automated pixel alerting system. Businesses can trial the new feature for free starting Monday, November 11th at LeadLedger.com

About LeadLedger
LeadLedger is San Francisco based startup focused on digital competitive sales intelligence. LeadLedger provides sales leads and competitive intelligence spanning dozens of verticals and thousands of businesses. LeadLedger boasts a client base with a market cap of over $400BN - ranging from SMBs to Fortune 500 companies.

At the core of LeadLedger is a proprietary technology platform that evaluates millions of sites, known client lists, and other third party data sources to understand the vendors, tracking tags, pixels and tools utilized by companies. With LeadLedger, sales executives can identify qualified prospects, marketers can ensure data privacy, digital executives can monitor market trends, and professionals throughout an organization can understand competitor technology usage.