Obamacare is DOOMED says Host of Integrative Medicine Online Summit

November 13, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
"Integrative Medicine, Prevention and META-Health are the solution. Not making trying to rescue a doomed disease management system." says Johannes R. Fisslinger, Host of the upcoming First Integrative Medicine and META-Health Online World Summit Nov. 21-30.

Do you remember the last scene in the classic movie Thelma & Louise where they both look into each others eyes and say: "Let's not get caught, lets keep going!" and they decide to drive off the cliff. The movie ends there but everyone knows what is going to happen.

Well, our current disease management system is right now cruising along headed straight towards a cliff. The big question is are we driving off the cliff? Are we pushing the current health care and economical system to the brink of destruction? Or do we as a Nation decide that a drastic change is required and we take action!

  • Problems of Disease Management
  • There are many causes and problems with our current disease management system. Let me just address a few.

  • Health care costs are exploding.
  • This year alone, we are likely to spend over $2.8 trillion on health care. We spend more than twice as much per capita as other high-income countries such as England and France. Like an article in the Financial Times recently states, the U.S. spends over 18 percent of its gross domestic product on health, compared to 12 percent by France, which comes next. Our system costs 100 percent more per capita than in Canada and 150 percent more than in the U.K. What makes this even more disturbing is that even if we spend more, we get a lower quality of health care, lower life expectancy and higher infant mortality.

  • High costs of treatments
  • If we compare individual treatments then we know why the US healthcare system is so expensive. Compare a $ 300 Brain CT Scan in Germany with a $ 1,500 one in US. Hospitals and especially precscription drugs are often 50% higher than in other countries with a better quality of care. I could go on and onů

  • Chronic disease and not treating the cause

  • More than 125 million people experience at least 1 chronic illness, whereas 75 million of them have 2 or more. Chronic medical conditions such as heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, diabetes, hypertension, asthma, and depression account for more than 75 percent of total health care spending.

    But the real problem is that we seem to focus merley on treating the symptom and not addressing the real cause of disease. Like Dean Ornish MD is saying: "We are constantly mopping up the floor, instead why don't we just turn off the running water faucet!"

    On conclusion seems for sure: Obamacare will not lower health care costs. No matter if you are Democrat or Republican or if you are for or against the health care reform. One thing seems to be certain: Even if the 30 million uninsured Americans will benefit by getting insurance protection (supported by taxpayers) it does not mean that the health care cost curve will go down. We are just pushing the can down the road hoping it will solve itself.

    Often I hear people say, well a miracle medication or technology is going to save us. Someone will invent something that totally transform healthcare and suddenly everything will be fine. Well, delusions won't help. Technology, medications and treatments will for sure improve. But we have been waiting to find the magic bullet to fight cancer for 40 years and only very little improvements if any has been made.

    Prevention, Integrative Medicine and META-Health are the Solution

    Harvard Business Review said it very well, "We must shift the focus from the volume and profitability of medical services (which means profiting from patient being sick) to patient outcomes achieved (meaning actually healing patients).

    The only way to achieve this is to value health higher, to shift from a disease management to a true health care system which is based on Prevention, Integrative Medicine and META-Health. Let me explain why!

    Why wait until health issue are already present. Why not on a national scale make all changes necessary that allow people to actually live healthy lifestyles. Yes, a lot has to happen but there is no way around it anymore. We are too close to the cliff and need a powerful reversal.
    Epigenetics has shows that when you place a cell into an unhealthy environment inside a test tube it will not grow properly. But if you transfer the cell into a healthy environment it will thrive. Everyone of us consists of trillon of cells and when we are placed in a healthy environment then we will thrive, be healthy and be productive citizens.

    Integretive Medicine
    Integrative medicine is a healing-oriented medicine that takes account of the whole person (body, mind, and spirit), including all aspects of lifestyle. It emphasizes the therapeutic relationship and makes use of all appropriate therapies, both conventional and alternative. Focusing on prevention based on Integrative Medicine is the Future. A new healing paradigm needs to be about options, individualized health care and evidence-based modalities that allow our body-mind to auto-regulate and heal itself.

    The biggest issue in current health care is that the cause and process of most illnesses is not know. META-Health is the revolutionary new Art and Science of Self-Healing which means it lays a foundation to understand how our body, mind, spirit and our social environment interact. META-Health is based on the Organ-Stress-Emotion-Belief-Social Connection and the major Points and Phases of Healing.

    Health professionals trained in META-Health are working more efficiently, more precise and know which healing modality or treatment is appropriate for each client. Because one solution does not fit all.

    For example: One client might need emotional release, stress management. Another client might need a change in nutrition and lifestyle while another needs emergency symptom treatment.
    Only by understanding how Body-Mind-Social interact, what is triggering symptoms will we be able to resolve the biggest issues we currently have in health care and create a new sustainable health care system.

    Johannes R. Fisslinger, Founder META-Health University and Host of the Be META-Healthy Integrative Medicine Online World Summit Nov. 21-30, 2013 featuring 30 experts like Bruce Lipton PhD, David Katz MD, Mimi Guarneri MD, Bernie Siegel, Mariel Hemingway, John Robbins. You can RSVP for FREE at www.metahealthsummit.com.