World Class Auto Auction Service from Zoom Auctions Now Available in United Arab Emirates

November 14, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
United Arab Emirates has become the latest base for the world's most trusted auto auctions company Zoom Auctions. This renowned American company has been offering top notch service to online car buyers since their inception in the year 2007. The website provides an awe inspiring inventory of hundred thousand plus vehicles available for bidding each and every day. At present, the top rated service from the company is available in more than 80 countries in different parts of the world. Already a potent force in the American and European automobile auction industry, Zoom Auctions is presently expanding rapidly in Asia and Africa. In the recent months, Zoom Auctions has expanded in several new markets across the globe, and United Arab Emirates is the latest name in that list.

Zoom Auctions is considered to be an extraordinary online platform for online car buyers because it provides unparalleled customer experience each and every time. Buyers at this website receive excellent deals because Zoom Auctions has access to highly competitive auctions that are mostly available exclusively to local auto dealers. Buyers can register at Zoom Auctions absolutely free of charge and bid for cars from all renowned manufacturers for the best price in the online marketplace.

Since the last decade or so, United Arab Emirates has emerged as a major power in the global economy. As a result, a number of large organizations from the western world have shown interest in expanding to this part of the world. Zoom Auctions' arrival in the United Arab Emirates is a remarkable milestone for the company's future prospect throughout the Middle East. Announcing the company's auction export service in the UAE, a senior spokesperson from Zoom Auctions said, " United Arab Emirates is a rapidly expanding territory in the global market for automobile export. We are extremely happy to be here and look forward to providing quality service to car buyers in UAE."

About Zoom Auctions: Zoom Auctions is a popular online auto auction website with an astounding inventory of vehicles available for bidding. The company delivers automobiles to all well known cities across the world. Zoom Auctions has recently announced the official launch of their service in United Arab Emirates.