Legacy Remodeling Published a White Paper for How to Start a Home Remodeling Project

November 15, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Legacy Remodeling, a Pittsburgh remodeling company, has released a white paper to help guide homeowners through the process of remodeling their houses. The how-to takes readers through every step of the process, from determining an appropriate budget and deciding which improvements to make to carrying out each phase of the actual remodel. The white paper also includes tips to keep in mind during different stages of the project.

The white paper will be especially useful for those remodeling for the first time or for people looking for a more organized way to start remodeling projects. A home remodel can be daunting to think of, and going in blind leaves some homeowners with half-finished rooms when their budget runs out. This is why having a guide to help organize the process can save homeowners both energy and expense. The steps featured in the white paper include budgeting, setting priorities for which parts of the home to alter or upgrade, researching potential remodeling contractors, phases of the project, and general tips.

One of the most important tips from the Pittsburgh remodeling company to keep in mind is to consider how much longer you will be staying in your house. Certain renovations will add value to your home, and you will be able to recoup some of the cost of the remodeling project in that added value. Some value-enhancing projects include installing energy efficient replacement windows, replacing old insulation in the attic, repairing compromised sections of a roof, etc. However, some remodeling projects will make the home less appealing to future homeowners, such as adding a sauna room or installing ultra-modern fixtures. In general, if you plan on moving in less than 10 years, it may be a better investment to prioritize more conventional remodeling projects.

To learn more about planning for a home remodeling project, read the full white paper: http://www.legacyremodel.com/white-paper-steps-for-a-home-remodeling-project/

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