VOCSO Web Studio has become a go to agency for Start-ups & Small business

November 18, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
VOCSO Web Studio, a professional web design company based in India, is quickly becoming the go to agency for start-ups and small businesses wanting to take their website or web app to the next level. A 5 year old company, they recently relaunched their own site to showcase the incredible set of products and expertise they have at their disposal, and the disposal of any entrepreneur or business that needs a world-class website or web app.

The company offers almost all an entrepreneur could want in a web development company. Their extensive array of products ranges from complete website design, to maintenance programs to Android and Facebook apps. And almost all in between. Want a logo? Got it. Content? Got it. Advertising, social media, SEO all available within a single web design company.

In the words of one of their clients:
"We came to Deepak with an idea and where we wanted to go with our vision. He took all our ideas and exceeded all our expectations. We would definitely recommend them to anyone and we will definitely involve VOCSO in all our future web design and development needs. " Onye Anyanwu (Yeemtix, INC)

The aspect that sets VOCSO apart from more regular web design companies is that they understand what websites are all about: the User. They pride themselves on their User Interface and User Experience, understanding that this is key to engagement for users of websites and apps. You want your visitors to use your website, understand your website and come back to your website again and again, not just looking but interacting and using your product.

The company has experts in all aspects of web design, security and maintenance. VOCSO will help you with any aspect of your site or app needed, if giving you dedicated staff to make sure your website stands out from your competitors.

VOCSO also understand where the web is heading off the large screen and onto the small. All sites and apps are designed for maximum usability across all browsers on desktops, laptops, phones and tablets. Optimized for each screen so that the user gets exactly the information needed. This emphasis on user experience, across any platform is in-built into the company's DNA, and drives all of their design.

As the top SEO company in India, they have an intuitive knowledge of Search Engine Optimization, understanding the ins and outs of each array of algorithms, and keeping up to speed with the latest technology in the industry, such as Google Hummingbird. This breadth and depth of knowledge allows them to consistently keep their webpages at the top of the search rankings across multiple search engines.

See what VOCSO could do for you today. Visit www.vocso.com to see their extensive range of website, web app and ecommerce products. Visit vocso.com/testimonials to see what other entrepreneurs and business people have said about vocso, or visit vocco.com/portfolio to the sites they have already brought to life. Want to talk to an expert? Call toll-free in the USA 855-558-2345, or in India call +91 981 823 8348.