Most Tracker-Heavy Sites Ranked by LeadLedger

November 19, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
LeadLedger, the popular provider of sales and marketing intelligence & lead generation, today released a list of the most tracker-laden retail and Fortune 500 websites. The rankings are based on a sixty day study concluded November, 2013.

With increased scrutiny on data privacy, website operators need to be aware of the third parties injecting code on their sites on their sites and implement controls to manage the behaviors of those partners. In addition to causing potential site slowness or instability, third party code can leave a website susceptible to hackers and data loss.

In an attempt to help marketers and business leaders better understand the tracking landscape around them, LeadLedger has quantified the tracking landscape:

  • Average count of trackers across all sites: 12.14
  • Average count of trackers across top 10,000 sites: 15.48
  • Average count of trackers across Fortune 500 sites: 6.20
  • Average count of trackers across Top Internet Retail sites: 13.97

  • In addition to quantifying the industry average, LeadLedger has identified top brands with tracker-heavy websites, including TicketMaster and Omaha Steaks.

    The comprehensive report - including most pixel heavy retailers and Fortune 500 brands is available at:

    About LeadLedger
    LeadLedger is San Francisco based startup focused on digital competitive sales & marketing intelligence. LeadLedger provides sales leads and competitive intelligence spanning dozens of verticals and thousands of businesses. LeadLedger boasts a client base with a market cap of over $400BN - ranging from SMBs to Fortune 500 companies.

    At the core of LeadLedger is a proprietary technology platform that evaluates millions of sites, known client lists, and other third party data sources to understand the vendors and tools utilized by companies. With LeadLedger, sales executives can identify qualified prospects, digital executives can monitor market trends, and professionals throughout an organization can understand competitor technology usage.