Teknis Ensures a Static-Free Production Set During the Making of Gravity

November 26, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
London, UK: November 26, 2013 saw the UK launch of Gravity a film starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, and a film that Cambridgeshire-based Electrostatic Discharge Protection (ESD) company, Teknis Ltd, is pleased to have played a part in by ensuring the creation of an ESD safe production set and therefore the wellbeing of all involved.

As the production process involved the use of several insulating materials with the potential to administer large electrostatic shocks to actors and other on-set personnel, the Shepperton Studio based production team needed a viable solution. With over 30 years of ESD experience and an in-depth knowledge of static control, Teknis was called upon to be a part of that solution and to provide the studio with static control expertise.

David Thompson, the Managing Director of Teknis said, "Our brief was to eliminate the build-up of static electricity naturally caused by walking across this state-of-the-art set. As the movie chronicles Sandra and George's challenges in space, Teknis wanted to at the very least ensure their troubles were static free!"

Much of the unique filming process involved the use of glass panels. As an insulator, glass generates static electricity when in contact with another material and cannot take the static charge to ground. Therefore, as actors exited the set, using metal handrails to assist their exit and with metal being a conductor, they stood the chance of receiving electrostatic shocks.

Working alongside Velocity Productions Ltd, Teknis quickly resolved the issue with the application of static dissipative film, using their own-brand product DPFSK100, as well as Ionising Air Guns from SSD, Japan (product reference AGZ2) each product can be purchased on the company's own website. The use of Ionising Air Guns and Electrostatic Dissipative Self Adhesive Polyester film ensured a comfortable and static-free working environment.

Occasionally Teknis is called upon to provide ESD expertise outside of their traditional area of electronics manufacture, especially when insulators such as glass and plastic are in use. With an in-depth knowledge of Static Control and an efficient and approachable team, for Teknis only the stars are the limit!

About Teknis Ltd: Founded in 1964, Teknis Ltd has been supplying the UK electronics manufacturing industry with high-performance electrostatic discharge protection (ESD) products. Teknis combines its own design and manufacturing expertise with other world leading ESD manufacturers, to bring you one of the most comprehensive ranges of products.