Energy Bulbs Believe The GU10 LED Light Bulb Will Become The Bulb Of Choice

November 20, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Energy Bulbs have built up a great range of energy saving light bulbs for all applications and there is hardly a house, apartment or office built where the GU10 fitting is not present. The standard works or offices often have this fitting throughout the company as they work on a good light source directed to the required place and often fitting directly into the ceiling for a smooth architecturally correct surface and clean look.

Energy Bulbs are delighted to note that the LED GU10 bulb is becoming the light of choice when an energy saving programme is instigated. Energy Bulbs note that the LED range of energy saving bulbs has changed massively in the last few years with the latest range being much more powerful and able to supply the same light levels as the larger classic or Halogen light bulbs. Also the light quality of GU10 LED Light bulbs is now much improved and just like 'Normal' light bulbs.

The advantage of the latest GU10 LED light bulbs is that they only use about 10% of the classic light bulb. In the classic light bulb some 90% of the energy put into the bulb is issued as heat and only 10% used for generating light. The LED is really not a light bulb but as the name suggests a light emitting diode or a semi-conductor, which runs at normal temperature and none of the energy input is used for heating. supply a full range and the Décor 7 Watt Quadruple High Power GU10 LED is a prime example of what can be achieved. This bulb can be sourced in a cool white or a daylight lighting dependent on the preference for the type of light required. The High Power of 7 Watts gives some 420 Lumens of lighting power which is equivalent to a classic or Halogen 60 watt bulb and makes this bulb suitable for most lighting applications. Energy Bulbs note that the energy savings through using this bulb is around 90% less power, which with the ever increasing price of electricity and other fuel sources make this a very healthy saving. The usage of an LED lamp also has great savings through the extended life of a bulb. The typical Décor 7 Watt Quadruple High Power GU10 LED will last for about 50,000 hours, which will give enormous long term savings on replacement bulbs and will also not require labour to replace them for many years to come. The GU10 fitting is easy to operate and unlike some of the LED fittings it is fairly robust and is becoming very widespread in its everyday usage.

Energy Bulbs believe that the GU10 LED bulb will become the bulb of choice as the high power LED lights become a more standard fitting and they have stocked a great range of different bulbs so that the customer can tailor make his own electrical lighting system at the same time as vastly reducing his energy costs.