The Door Store Has The Perfect Oak

November 22, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
The Door Store has a superb stock of doors of almost every design imaginable and of all different woods. There is something for everyone among the range with prices ranging from low to high dependent on the complexity, wood type and design of construction. The Door Store however, prides itself on the fact that all the doors they supply are able to do their job well and look good when fitted. The company take a great deal of effort in choosing the best manufacturers and the best doors from their ranges of doors so that customer satisfaction is maintained. Customer satisfaction is paramount to The Door Store and this applies to the complete range of doors and not just the top end of the ranges.

One of the most popular woods, if not the most popular, that The Door Store supply is Oak. In fact, Oak doors are seen around the country in a vast range of different designs and The Door Store stock a great many of them and certainly the best of the designs. One excellent design is the Deanta Classic Ely Internal Oak door, which is a classic design consisting of vertical plank design very much along the lines of the traditional oak door of years gone by. This is a design that was easily manufactured in days of yore when planks of English oak were nailed onto a couple of back boards, usually 2 back boards were horizontal and one piece was angled to prevent twisting and a latch was used to keep the door closed. Today The Door Store is pleased to Stock the Deanta range because it is a company that uses excellent traditional manufacturing techniques to produce a great finished door. The Deanta Classic Ely Internal Oak door is made with a great internal construction and finished with an Oak natural hardwood. The Door Store are pleased to stock this door in another hardwood and the Walnut finished door may suit if Oak is not the customers first choice. notes that the Deanta Classic Ely Internal Oak door can be used almost anywhere in the house as there is almost no contrast between the door and the surrounding décor that cannot be overcome. This type of door obviously fits well into a traditional designed house but this is not exclusive as the sharp vertical lines can fit into a modern surround with little or no problem and they can look excellent if there is a smart modern sharp or angular design to the furniture and the décor.

All the doors come swiftly from the Door Store in an unfinished state and they require a good varnish to finish them properly. They can be sourced in 7 different sizes as well as being obtainable as a fire door. The fire door option can be one, which is quite good if not essential to fit. The fire door gives the occupants far greater escape time and a lot more peace of mind.

The Door Store will be delighted to answer any query the customer may have by email or telephone.