KitchenCraft Reduces Quoting time with Data Import Option in Costimator® V12 Software, by MTI Systems

November 26, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
MTI Systems, Inc. offering cost estimating software for manufacturers since 1982, recently announced the release of Costimator Version 12. The latest upgrade has a variety of new features, including enhanced cost estimating speed as well as more consistent and accurate estimates. However, it's been the version's new 'data import utility' that saves a lot of valuable time for users like KitchenCraft Sr. Supervisor of Design & Tech Support Shane Goerzen.

A significant value in using software designed with database access is its ability for estimators to retrieve more accurate data, quickly, offering consistent numbers for estimates and quotations — no matter who retrieves the information. It's not uncommon for suppliers such as job shops, contract manufacturers, precision machining or fabrication shops to have hundreds of reference data scattered in multiple locations throughout their shop. Data could be stored in a maze of filling cabinets, on various individuals' computers, and most troubling, in many different estimators' heads.

"Now importing our pricing to the 'Cost modeler' feature in Costimator® is an incredible time-saver for our estimating department", reported Goerzen. "Annually we have over 300 tables with copious records of pricing information that can be imported more quickly and easily into our Costimator software with just a push of the button."

Version 12's dramatically overhauled, more user-friendly interface has made it easier for employees of all walks to use the software, drastically reducing the software's learning curve and saving companies valuable resources in having to train and implement Costimator in their business. The Data Import Utility specifically helps import all of a company's previously used data, decreasing the time it takes to get comfortable with the software.

"A poor import process, and more specifically 'weak' data storage, can greatly compromise results and require estimating departments to incur excessive delays." Explains Rene Laviolette, MTI Systems' VP of product development. "Delays, inconsistencies and inaccurate data can greatly reduce sales and increase costs, especially for suppliers or OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) who work with large amounts of data."

Prior to Costimator version 12, the import utility updated items such as purchase parts, materials, customers, vendors and work center rates. Now it offers users a quick and accurate ability to update data in cost modeler tables, as well as import complete parts. Cost modeler tables are used to store data that are accessed by the incredibly fast estimating method that uses cost models. The system is now shipped with over 300+ cost models, and users can modify or create new ones for their particular estimating requirements as they choose.

Cost models provide companies, such as KitchenCraft, an easy method to estimate pricing on their kitchen cabinet products. Their team estimates multiple variations of cabinets with varying dimensions and by using cost models they save enormous time while also reducing errors.

About Costimator
The Costimator estimating software is designed for manufacturers of all sizes including single-man job shops, large contract manufacturers, precision machining & fabrication shops, as well as full-service OEMs (original equipment manufacturers.) Manufacturers need to estimate time and calculate the cost for a wide variety of parts and projects and can choose from various "user selectable" cost estimating methods. With unique options such as drag and drop and comparing multiple estimates at the same time, estimators can quickly quantify the impact of changes to product design, materials, geographic locations, manufacturing processes, volumes and more.

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