invites Mobile Application Designers for pre-registration and submission of sample app design templates

November 22, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News is on a mission to encourage, enable and assist application designers and developers to build high quality mobile applications for various platforms starting from iOS & Android. Its evident that the google play and iTunes store have ever increasing database of innovative apps. However a large portion of these apps do not have good design and user experience. This contributes to low number of downloads. wants to change this.

"For an app-freak like me, its upsetting to see so many apps in the google play that do not provide good user experience. That's where I saw the opportunity and came up with the idea of" says the tech founder Deepak Chauhan. Downloading, installing, testing so many apps, researches and surveys revealed why a lot of apps was not designed well:

1) Not enough budget was available to hire good app UI designer. The design of an app could well cost in 4 digits. - 47%
2) Some of the app developers (stake holders) did not think design was that important. - 32%
3) A lot of them did not have access to good app designers - 14%

The solution was "Themeforest for Mobile App Designs" which is brings together the high quality mobile app designers/companies and encourages them to create and submit their app design templates, set a price and publish it to the marketplace. App developers/companies interested in building app using one of those templates, can pay the set price and gain instant access to the template file and instructions on how to use the same to build their own apps. This way they focus on building the core functionality of their apps rather than worrying about the design and UI. They save huge money as well, because the price is much less (usually 50-150 US$) compared to what they would have to pay if they had to do it otherwise. Designers make decent income depending on how many app design templates they have listed and no. of sales they acquire.

This is an exclusive invitation for App Designers/Companies to create their free account and submit one or more design templates for approval.

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