Metiix Launches New Hybrid Cloud Storage Project

November 26, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
MINNEAPOLIS, MN Imagine not having to buy any hardware or deploy any servers to safely store your data. Metiix Hybrid, the new service from Metiix, utilizes the power of Amazon Web Services and onsite/local storage to bring exceptional cloud storage at pennies per gigabyte. By leveraging both Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier technologies, the "Hybrid" solution allows businesses with large data sizes to experience a simple and safe transition to the cloud.

All data can be backed up and protected by the Metiix Hybrid system and can even be programmed to back up data as often as every five minutes. Even recent modifications are detected by the system and will be stored.

Files frequently used are stored using Amazon S3 in what Metiix calls "Instant Storage". Data stored on the S3 can be instantly accessed and restored.

Files not frequently accessed are saved and fully protected on Amazon Glacier in what Metiix calls "Cold Storage". Using Glacier under Metiix's own storage accounts, businesses avoid the traditional recovery fees associated with the system. Thus significantly reducing any add-on costs and making the Hybrid an affordable storage solution at a monthly cost as low as $50.

Metiix Hybrid's intuitive design offers customizable features including government level security, global de-duplication, centralized management and more. The Metiix Hybrid does not place any limitations on upload/download speeds or file size. Affordable, scalable and with several pricing plans to choose from, the Metiix Hybrid is an attractive service many customers are looking at once more.

About Metiix
Take several quality engineers that understand backup very well. Mix that in with some good sales and management folks, and you have a team of people willing to dig in, roll up their sleeves, and ensure that customers are able to protect one of their most important assets their data. It is our goal and our mission to protect data for our customers the best way we know how. We love backup. We know it well, and have spent many long years perfecting just the right solution to meet the needs of all of the customers that we have had the privilege of serving. For more information about the many benefits of Metiix Hybrid, visit