Metiix Brings Unprecedented Low-Cost Big Data Storage

November 27, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
MINNEAPOLIS, MN Utilizing the industry-leading power of Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier, the Metiix Hybrid system allows clients to back up and store large amounts of data for as little as $50 per terabyte. The system works by intelligently collecting data from all end point devices and then storing the data in either the S3 or Glacier system. Under cloud technology, clients can conveniently access their data anywhere in the world.

Metiix has been able to bring this low cost service to businesses by seamlessly blending Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier technologies while pooling storage under Metiix accounts. Traditionally Glacier (Cold Storage) services were meant for infrequently accessed data that needed to be stored for extended lengths of time. Clients could recover 5% of their data every month without charge. If they were to surpass that amount they would be penalized with a fee. The high cost of recovery has been a disconcerting issue for many businesses.

Metiix changes this by pooling data under Metiix's own accounts, thus increasing the percentage of monthly data allotted to be recovered. For businesses investing in the Hybrid system this equates to low cost storage fees, higher security, centralized management and customizable storage features.

Metiix Hybrid can back up all Windows-based devices including external hard drives, servers, laptops, and network drives. The Hybrid intuitively finds data to protect while setting the exact files/folders that need to be protected. To ensure that even the most recent modifications are protected, the system can even be programed to cyclically backup files in five minute frequencies.

About Metiix
Take several quality engineers that understand backup very well. Mix that in with some good sales and management folks, and you have a team of people willing to dig in, roll up their sleeves, and ensure that customers are able to protect one of their most important assets their data. It is our goal and our mission to protect data for our customers the best way we know how. We love backup. We know it well, and have spent many long years perfecting the right solutions to meet the needs of all of the customers that we have had the privilege of serving. To learn more about securely and intelligently storing data at a low cost, visit