uKloo Receives AblePlay Award from the National Lekotek Center

November 27, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Toronto, ON uKloo (pronounced you-clue) Early Reader Treasure Hunt, a multi-award winning children's literacy game developed by a mom, is the proud recipient of the AblePlay Award from the National Lekotek Center for its excellence in helping children with special needs.

"It's such an honor for uKloo to be so well received by the National Lekotek Center and the special needs community. I'm thrilled that uKloo play extends to children of all abilities as a stepping stone into reading. I hope kids everywhere will have fun playing uKloo as they learn to read along the way. Just don't tell them it's educational!" said uKloo Kids, Inc.'s president Doreen Dotto.

Although not created specifically for special needs children, uKloo has proven its effectiveness in helping children with early reading challenges through rigorous AblePlay evaluations at the National Lekotek Center. uKloo Early Reader Treasure Hunt Game combines reading, first research skills and basic sentence structure with physically active learning fun.

The National Lekotek Center, a nonprofit organization, provides an array of services to improve the lives of children with special needs through the use of toys and play. The AblePlay Product Evaluation & Rating System is a toy evaluation process that provides in-depth information about a product and its ability to help children with special needs.

"Our Lekotek Play Specialists found that uKloo Early Readers Treasure Hunt game introduced reading with a playful approach. This involved the physical act of searching, the thrill of expectation, and finally the delight of finding the surprise. The game provided a successful formula to motivate early readers to learn and remember in a context of fun and fulfillment!" Ahren Hoffman, Manager of Industry Relations & Partnerships, National Lekotek Center

uKloo (MSRP $15.95 for ages 4 and up) was invented by Dotto, a mom with two boys who avoided reading homework at all costs. Developed with the help of educational advisors, kids and parents, uKloo gets kids physically active as they learn to read and follow clues in search of a hidden surprise. The kids are so engaged they begin to read without even realizing it. uKloo has been embraced as a useful tool for beginner and reluctant readers, ADHD and most children on the autism spectrum. It has earned nine international awards.

About uKloo Kids, Inc.
uKloo Kids, Inc. is a children's literacy game developer based in Toronto, Canada. Founded in 2010 by Doreen Dotto, the firm's first product, uKloo Early Reader Treasure Hunt Game earned nine prestigious awards and is now sold in 16 countries. This year, uKloo Kids will launch two new products: the uKloo Early Reader Treasure Hunt App and uKloo Riddle Edition Treasure Hunt Game for ages 7 and up. For further information, visit the company website and to interact with the company directly, see our social links on
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