PixelPrint Studios Launches Kickstarter Crowdfunding Project for Anticipated iOS App 'PixelPrint Studio'

December 03, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Perth, Western Australia — December 3, 2013 - Former Apple employees, Jacob Kamile and Phillip Billings are under way with their newest project on Kickstarter featuring a 3D printing app for iPhone and iPad called 'PixelPrint Studio'. The project, which began on November 25th runs until December 28th of this year and the funding goal for this project is set at $15,000 AUD (estimated at $13,665 US dollars) with pledge options starting at just one dollar up to $300 dollars. If the company achieves their funding goal, PixelPrint Studio's app will be provided free on the AppStore for iOS users.

PixelPrint Studio is an easy to use iOS app that enables users to build models using voxels, which are Lego-like squares right from their iPad or iPhone using a simple, clean interface. The application will provide users complete share-ability of their creations with their friends and family through Facebook, Twitter or email. The application will also allow users the ability to upload the model directly to company headquarters at PixelPrint Studios and have it professionally 3D printed and shipped out to them.

The idea of the PixelPrint Studio's application aims to solve the current issues associated with 3D printing; namely that the 3D printer itself is expensive to purchase, costing individuals up to several thousand dollars. Also, 3D printers do not typically come fully-assembled and most users lack the necessary knowledge of 3D modeling software. This 3D printing company takes care of all the printing for it's users, making it so that they will not have to own a 3D printer at all, which in turn saves them time and money. Also, there is no concern over the model collapsing halfway through the print as is all-too-common with at-home 3D printers.

Those interested in supporting PixelPrint Studio on Kickstarter are strongly encouraged to do so as backers can chose from a range of different rewards such as t-shirts with Kickstarter-exclusive PixelPrint Studio designs, a 3D-printed character in their likeness or even becoming a mascot for the app. As it stands, a limited number of slots are still available for the option of becoming a beta tester. Being a beta tester allows the fund backer to gain exclusivity with PixelPrint Studio and receive personal advanced testing as the company builds it.

Founded in September 2013, PixelPrint Studios was founded by Jacob Kamile and Phillip Billings. They launched this project with the sole purpose of creating fun and easy to use apps that will utilize technology in revolutionary ways. Jacob Kamile has five years of work experience in programming as a developer for Apple devices with previous apps including the HiKaChan series; a set of applications designed to teach the Hiragana and Katakana alphabets of the Japanese language using image and sound mnemonics. That project has sold more than 25000 copies to date. Phillip Billings has dedicated the last several years to improving customer experiences. These two hope to bring a fun and entertaining to app to users with the pending success of their latest app 'PixelPrint Studio'.

Prospective funders can get a sneek-peek featuring their introductory Kickstarter video here: http://kck.st/1cTO2fN

For media inquires regarding PixelPrint Studios please contact Co-founder, Jacob Kamile at +81-80-9552-0086 or via email at pixelprint@hikachan.com. To learn more about PixelPrint Studios or the the crowdfunding project regarding the 'PixelPrint Studio' app on Kickstarter, please visit: www.hikachan.com/pixelprintstudio; users can also fund the project directly by visiting: http://kck.st/18kpujg