Ellipsis Technologies Emerges from Stealth Mode with Human Presence Web Security Product

December 05, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Ellipsis Technologies is emerging today from ten months in stealth mode to announce the launch of its Human Presence technology. Human Presence is a web security software technology that enables website owners to validate the presence of human visitors to their sites while flagging and deflecting traffic from automated, and often malicious, "bots." With the Ellipsis Human Presence solution, site owners can improve the user experience for human visitors while taking action to prevent site scraping, click fraud and other malicious activity from bots.

Unwanted site traffic from bots is a constant source of threat and irritation for site owners and operators. Competitors and other parties can use these automated programs to gather data from web sites, often overwhelming servers with non-human traffic. Many websites today solve this problem by forcing users to solve puzzles or type in difficult-to-read characters in order to prove they are human.

While effective, these CAPTCHA-type solutions are intrusive, they frustrate customers, they decrease user satisfaction and they frequently become a barrier to completing online sales - a real and significant cost to site owners. Ellipsis solves this problem by inserting unobtrusive Javascript code into the web pages to monitor user behavior patterns on the site (without capturing specific click or keystroke data).

The Ellipsis Human Presence engine then determines in real-time whether a site visitor is a human or an automated bot that might be site scraping or engaging in otherwise malicious behavior. The Ellipsis solution is completely transparent and frictionless to the site visitor. Ellipsis provides the Human Presence signal within milliseconds, providing a tool which allows the site operator to choose how to respond to suspicious traffic. For instance, the site operator can allow human visitors to proceed without interference, while choosing to automatically test the suspected non-human site visitors with additional verification steps such as a CAPTCHA.

In short, the Ellipsis "Human Presence" tool allows website owners to improve the user experience for legitimate human users while identifying and defending against bots and malicious traffic.

The Ellipsis Human Presence technology is based on a set of proprietary algorithms and machine learning techniques. The machine learning tools allow the Ellipsis Human Presence model to evolve and improve over time, providing highly sensitive discrimination between human and bot behaviors and visitors. Ellipsis understands that site owners know best how to protect their sites from non-human visitors, so the company provides them non-intrusive tools to quickly identify suspicious visitors while maintaining and increasing customer satisfaction levels.

Ellipsis co-founder Peter Waldschmidt explained "We developed the Ellipsis Human Presence methodology to solve the problems we have experienced in our other businesses with bot traffic and traditional bot detection techniques. Our approach is unique in that it focuses on modeling human behaviors rather than just bot markers so we can clearly identify a human presence on the site. With the Human Presence solution, we can greatly improve the user experience for human visitors to our sites while effectively defending ourselves against bad bots."

For more information please contact Ellipsis at info@humanpresence.net or visit the Ellipsis website at www.humanpresence.net