Adventure Travel site hits back at criticism

December 14, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
Polo’s Bastards
Going where we ain’t supposed to.

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December 2005


“Adventure Travel site hits back at criticism ”

Adventure travel site Polo's Bastards ( has angrily rejected media claims that it promotes irresponsible travel.

The site, whose motto is 'Going where we ain't supposed to' specialises in travel to dangerous places and has featured travel articles from countries such as Iraq, The Sudan, Congo and Afghanistan. It has also featured reports on surviving in third world gaols and how to stay healthy in poor countries.

"The media frequently tries to paint us as reckless and irresponsible," says Polo's Bastards editor, Lee Ridley. "The fact is the community we have built at Polo's Bastards is amongst the most travel-savvy on the planet. Our writers include security contractors, professional war-journalists, aid workers, and even an Oxford professor - hardly a cross-section that could be classified as ill informed or cavalier."

The rejection comes after the site was featured in several media outlets including the London Times and Norwegian media outlet - Nettavisen.

"The Times piece attempted to portray one of our writers who visited Iraq as a “war tourist”, neglecting to mention the fact that he actually worked and reported for a newspaper at the time," said Lee Ridley. "It was inaccurate and a little unfair, but the tone was picked up by Nettavisen."

"Portraying us in such a light is unjustified as the whole point of the site is to allow people to get quality information about these places so that they can make their trip on an informed basis. It's about being safe!"

Recent articles on Polo’s Bastards cover such destinations as Congo, Lebanon, Syria and Pakistan and can be found at


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