Finding The Home Of Your Dreams…While Preparing Your House For Sale

December 14, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Despite fears that the current real estate bubble will burst in the United States, real estate continues to be an attractive investment for many people. A new website has been launched at which seeks to provide information on buying and selling real estate—-whether an investment property or simple family dwelling.

“Real estate has always played a large part in the wealth development strategies of the rich. And despite the fact that personal home ownership does not generate income and cannot rightly be considered an 'investment', it (home ownership) is still the dream of most Americans,” says Sandra Tobin, the owner of the site.

Tobin claims that many people are more intimidated by the preparation of selling their own homes as the actual search for a new property. She suggests the following ideas to prepare for sale of a personal property:

Tip #1 Trim Shrubbery: Shrubbery and other greenery with an unkempt appearance can be misconstrued as a sign of neglect, and give a bad impression of your house.

Tip #2 Plant Some Flowers: Flowers, especially bright flowers, can liven up the exterior of your home. They needn't be expensive or exotic….the cheapest, easy-care, low maintenance flowers will do just fine.

Tip #3 Touch up Painting: Give your wooden accents a touch up of paint and the entire exterior of your home will have a fresh new look.

Tip #4 Make Sure Your House Numbers are Visible: potential buyers need be able to find your home if they want to find out more about it, or have a look.

Tip #5 The Value of Surface Space Go through your house and clear off all of the horizontal surfaces, kitchen counters, and bathroom countertops. This means that you won't be leaving any magazines, knick-knacks, or other various items to add to a cluttered appearance in your home.

Tip #6 The Nose Knows: Your home should smell good. When this comes to selling the house, it means that there should be no noticeable bad odors.

Tip #7 The Art of Plain White: Paint is a relatively easy and inexpensive way to give your home a fresh new look. Before selling, you'll want to stick to neutral colors.

Tip #8 Clean, Clean, Clean You don't want to lose a sale just because you have a cobweb in a basement window.

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