Military Technology Protects European Companies

December 11, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Manchester, UK - Be Sure Europe LLP has made Lichtenstein based Secfone's eavesdrop-proof, encrypted mobile communication solution obtainable for all European companies. The online presale program has been launched to provide preliminary access to the online ordering system from Be Sure Europe LLP.

According to a Reuters article published November 13, 2013, Hans-Georg Maassen, the President of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution in Germany, stated that corporate spying has been estimated to cost businesses over 50 billion euros a year in Germany alone. Companies are becoming more aware of this issue, and are looking for solutions to the problem. There are several tools on the market that claim to help these companies protect themselves, but when it comes to encrypted mobile communication, companies have traditionally had to compromise due to the lack of eavesdrop-proof solutions. Secfone's communication technology offers a solution to this problem.

All software based encryption solutions share the very same and serious problem. The encryption keys that are
used to protect the communication can be easily compromised. The encryption solutions built around micro SD
security cards or cryptocards can stop this problem from occurring because they have special built in hardware
that protects the keys. However, this type of card and protection is just an element of a tap-free system, and
cannot guarantee that no eavesdropping will occur. Cracking the encryption for eavesdropping on a smartphone
is still possible even if the protection being used is a micro SD security card.

Secfone offers triple-level protection. It goes beyond a hardware-based key protection by utilizing a unique
encoding method, along with additional protection against spyware and malware. This technology, which has
previously only been available to military professionals, provides protection within a closed, encrypted, global
communication network (Manageable Virtual Closed Network, MVCN). Their patented encoding method, a
cryptochip integrated into a micro SD card, and the Secfone protection against spyware and malware combine
to provide clients with the highest level of security possible.

The pricing for corporate subscriptions to Secfone is for 55 /month (with 2 years contract, 300 one-time fee
applies to the micro SD cryptocard).

About Secfone: Secfone was launched as a start-up company in the early 2000s, and is a secure communication
system supplier for governmental organizations and military. The company built the first eavesdrop-proof
smartphone by implementing its patented encoding method on Android and by being the first to use the micro
SD card for mobile communication security.

About Be Sure Europe LLP: BeSure Europe LLP is the official Secfone distributor.