New Square 9® Softworks Program Boosts Mobile Document Management Capability

December 11, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Square 9 Softworks' new SmartSearch version 3.7 document management software provides users with fresh, innovative tools to create and share business documents safely and conveniently anytime, anywhere.

SmartSearch 3.7 is the next evolution of the SmartSearch Enterprise Content Management suite, allowing users greater flexibility and easier use. The new SmartSearch 3.7 was developed to better facilitate remote access to the document management database and the capabilities within, particularly from mobile devices through Square 9's GlobalSearch module. As mobile devices become ubiquitous in business settings, document management software will become as vital to the modern office as desktop publishing was in previous years.

If you're trying to reduce paper usage in your office with better document organizer software, SmartSearch 3.7 can help. The software's new RESTful API tool kit helps boost system performance while also offering greater development capabilities. SmartSearch v3.7 also improves security and utility by permitting resellers and customers to access certain functions via secured portals. With this granular security model, users have the ability to safely and confidentially fill out forms and sign them using the "wet" signature feature of GlobalSearch.

The SmartSearch update also incorporates several recent developments in technology to offer an improved user experience. Users can now sign ESign compliant online documents with a stylus or their finger. Plus, drag and drop capture makes storing and sharing documents online easier than ever. Improved viewing options allow tablet and mobile device users to quickly cycle through documents with the swipe of a finger, for easy access to critical business information. Newly enhanced options also make it easy for managers to create and administer workflows for employees.

SmartSearch 3.7's mobile responsiveness and increased security measures make it a vital addition to any organization seeking to improve productivity and efficiency with paperless office software. To learn more, contact Square 9 today.

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