Mezzanine's eco-friendly escape scores points with Mother Nature

December 13, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News

TULUM, Riviera Maya (Dec. 13, 2005) – Recycle. Reduce. Reuse. These three words are the obvious mantra at Tulum’s hippest little boutique hotel, Mezzanine, which celebrates its first anniversary with ecologically sound practices that leave a light impact on Tulum’s stunning surroundings.

When owners Brendon Leach and John Kendall first assessed their building options where Mezzanine’s 4-suite contemporary hotel, DJ lounge and Thai restaurant sit today along Mexico’s gleaming Mayan Riviera, they knew they’d have to work with Mother Nature – not against her.

“Out of necessity we are operating in a very environmentally friendly way,” says New Zealander Leach, pointing to Tulum’s primitive power grid as an infrastructure hiccup that challenged their hotel project from the start. Unlike bigger hotels that could afford to stash noisy generators on unused portions of the property, Mezzanine’s condensed lot size meant the partners needed energy efficient – and quiet – alternatives for their power puzzle that didn’t generate a lot of noise pollution.

So the partners decided upon a self-sufficient system that incorporated recycling precious natural resources such as water and putting others – namely the searing Caribbean sun and powerful breezes – to work running the show. What they have accomplished is an eco-friendly hideaway that remains stylish, modern and technologically advanced without feeling like a rustic cabin in the jungle.

Grey waters from showers, sinks and the kitchen are filtered through pipes then pumped out to water the gardens throughout Mezzanine’s property. Black water from toilets are also processed on site and kept separate from grey waters in a three-stage septic tank. Once waste has passed through all three chambers of the natural septic tank it passes into the wetlands area, a cement box-type tank filled with gravel that is planted with lush broad leafed plants such as banana palms which feed on the water, break down the nitrates and then evaporate the water harmlessly into the environment through transpiration.

When it comes to power, all electricity used at Mezzanine is generated on site. Thanks to the searing Caribbean sun and sea breezes, solar and wind energy charge a large battery bank that powers the restaurant, lights, stereo system, water pumps and even the pool pump (which runs at least six hours a day). To supplement natural sources of electricity, a small propane generator runs three to four hours each night when all the lights are on.

What they’ve created is a mini ecosystem that cleanses and reuses Tulum’s natural resources instead of draining them. “We like the idea of contributing to the positive upkeep of Tulum’s surrounding area,” says Leach. “We feel responsible for maintaining the beauty around us and have the peace of mind in knowing our practices are leaving a minimum impact while maximizing people’s vacation experiences.”

Mezzanine is an intimate boutique hotel that embodies clean, contemporary design, cutting-edge cool and rustic elegance with a hip live DJ lounge and pan-Asian restaurant featuring café style beach fare and authentic Thai cuisine. Mezzanine brings a Euro-chic vibe to quiet Tulum offering cool beats and hot fiestas on the beach with local and guest DJs, a retro lounge serving crisp cocktails, and four minimalist suites on a sweeping stone terrace overlooking the Caribbean Sea along Mexico’s Mayan Riviera.

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