Chicago Electronics Recycling Growing

December 12, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Everyone hates the idea of regulation. Why does the government keep imposing new laws and new rules? Why does it now cost money to do something that was free before?

Our company CHICAGO ELECTRONICS RECYCLING has become the premiere recycling company with over 20 drop off locations. We offer services through out Chicago and the surrounding areas to make sure you will have the lowest cost pick up available. Our trained driver and office staff are here to help you understand the new electronics recycling laws. Computers contain sensitive information so we take your E-waste and make sure that proper data destruction happened per D.O.D. standards. E-waste is a growing concern as we add millions of LBS every year to landfills. Our goal is to have an intuitive website that will guide you on how to save on the pick up service. We are owned by a company that is recognized as a leader in the collection service.

Chicago Electronics Recycling
1016 W Lake St,
Chicago, IL 60607