SACA Technologies' Managed IT Services are the Right Solution for Businesses with a BYOD Policy

December 12, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Anaheim Hills, Calif. December 12, 2013 Entering the phrase "BYOD" into a search engine will yield numerous results and statistics, most of which point to two facts: a large number of employees use their personal devices at work (for both work related and non-work related tasks) and that BYOD policies are becoming increasingly popular. SACA Technologies provides managed IT services Irvine businesses (and businesses throughout Orange County and Southern California) can rely on for their BYOD needs.

"A BYOD policy is really a great solution for many small and medium sized businesses," CEO Alexander Saca said. "The business can drastically reduce its IT costs since it does not have to provide devices to its employees. Additionally, BYOD can make your employees much more productive and increase their sense of job satisfaction."

A BYOD policy, however, is only effective if it is backed by stringent IT security and technical support. That is where computer support Orange County providers SACA Technologies comes in. With their comprehensive suite of managed IT services, SACA Technologies can enable businesses to provide the right level of security and support that they need for an effective and efficient BYOD policy. While there are several solutions included in managed IT services, Irvine businesses have said that there are two main services that have helped them ensure a safe and effective BYOD policy: IT security services and fixes and repairs.

For most businesses, questions about data security are what keep them from allowing a BYOD policy. With SACA Technologies' managed IT services, Irvine businesses no longer have to worry about lost or stolen data. That is because they offer a range of security solutions that are meant to protect businesses from hackers, malware, internal leaks and unauthorized access, even if employees are using their own devices. Additionally, SACA Technologies offers regular data backups of a business's data, so even if an employee's device is lost or stolen, the important data is still accessible.

SACA Technologies technicians are available 2x7x365 to provide remote, onsite, and technical support. They can perform a wide range of fixes and repairs on any end-user device, including any brand or model of smartphone, tablet, and laptop a business's employees might have.

A BYOD policy is a great idea for many businesses, but only if they make sure it includes plans for repairs and security. Managed IT services from SACA Technologies means businesses can enact a safe and effective BYOD policy for their employees.

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