Willow Creek Press Is In With Flint

December 14, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Minocqua, WI - Willow Creek Press has fetched the latest canine sensation and signed an agreement with Flint, the Pomeranian pup, who is capturing the hearts of fans worldwide.

Flint, the 6 year-old pint-sized Pomeranian, is no ordinary small dog. Photographer Robin Yu of Oregon started taking snapshots of her spunky pooch in different situations and posted them on her website www.FlintthePomeranian.com. The site is written in the first person as if Flint himself is posting everything.

An excerpt from the website reads, "I love being a model! Not to mention, the pay is pretty great too. Every time the camera comes out, so do all those yummy treats! When I'm not modeling, I keep myself pretty busy. I have lifeguard stations all throughout the house and if anyone needs my help, like getting rid of leftovers or wanting to exercise their hands by rubbing my tummy, I make sure that I am always available."

Flint's new Facebook page already has over 2,000 likes and several You Tube videos starring Flint are ranked in the top viewership.

Yu said, "He brings all sorts of joy to my life. He does things with all his doggie seriousness and I just find it so cute and funny. He's definitely a bright spot in my life and I'm so lucky to have him."

Flint now joins other Willow Creek Press sensations like Seth Casteel's Underwater Dogs, Just Labs and What Cats Teach Us, as well as over 200 other high-quality calendars, books, and puzzles.

Jeremy Petrie, Vice President of Sales for Willow Creek Press, said, "Flint is a charismatic little pup that is capturing the world hearts and fondness for animals. We are proud to deliver Flint to his fans through a new collectible book, due out in Spring 2014, and an all-new 2015 calendar featuring new and original photos of Flint-antics."

About Willow Creek Press:
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