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December 17, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
The entire business of mobile apps has started to get streamlined and organized recently. There are thousands of mobile app development companies that exists today with more and more joining the race everyday. Among them, the ones that started early have accumulated an advantageous lead in the race. The early start ups have come across a turbulent timeline of app development protocols and have gone far in solving challenges in app marketing too. If you are looking for a mobile app development company then these companies which provide end to end solutions stand out as preferable choices today. Of these many names, Openxcell has remained a popular mobile app development company and has set its course in the same direction. With a talented group of UI designers, programmers and app marketers; openxcell stands as a preferable developer that gives end to end solutions right from app development to mobile app marketing.

"Clients are always searching for a single destination where they could get all the services for their mobile apps. If they are looking for a mobile app development company they also prefer the same company to do the testing and marketing activities as well."-says Jayneel, managing director of OpenXcell. The major driver of this trend stems from thorough understanding of each and every aspect of app development by the development company. If a mobile app development company is also driving results for app discovery; then their market knowledge helps to restructure or eliminate basal deficiencies in the app idea itself. After all, making a great app is not enough. One has to steer it to success after a series of quality checks and app marketing activities. If the entire project is executed under the same roof, the probability of making an app store success is higher. And this can only happen if the development company has a history of working with mobile apps since early iPhone days days.

Choosing a single destination is also cost effective since cost effectiveness comes from efficiency. A single company such as openxcell, handling your entire project will have parallel teams working on development testing, and marketing at the same time. Hence, all the processes are done simultaneously without any lag time.

Going for a one stop solution provider also helps in choosing your team of developers, testers and marketers. You can easily increase or decrease the number of developers or marketers in your team at any point of time during the project.

Making a great app is achievable but making a popular app that people would install and easily find in the app store is tricky and this is where the companies providing end to end solutions proves worthwhile due to their extensive experience.

OpenXcell Technolabs is a trusted mobile app development company and holds the prestigious ISO 9001:2008 certification and also a member of NASSCOM. Openxcell has its headquarters located in the US with its app development centre located in India.

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