Thousands of Pounds Wasted Daily By Unsuspecting Property Buyers

December 15, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News

Unsuspecting Property Buyers Losing Thousands of Pounds

Thousands of pounds are unknowingly being poured down the drain every single day
by people purchasing property in Spain, Cyprus and Bulgaria.

Most people naturally turn to their own bank when looking to transfer funds abroad,
not realising that there are cheaper alternatives available. Poor exchange rates
combined with high transfer fees and commission charges are adding a lot more to the
final price of their property than they might at first imagine.

Now it's possible that by choosing anyone of a number of currency exchange companies, it
could offer them a viable alternative that could save hundreds, if not thousand of pounds
on their property purchase

Competitive rates, no commission charges and free transfers are a few of the more obvious
reasons to use a currency exchange company in preference to a bank.

Some of the benefits include:-

A Fast and Efficient Service
Competitive Exchange Rates
No Commission Charges
Savings On Money Transfer

There are several options available depending on their own personal circumstances, and
it is possible to fix rates for up to 2 years in advance, thus protecting them from adverse
movements in the market, or if the rate they want is not currently available they can set the
rate they want. When that rate is achieved the currency will be purchased for them.

It doesn't stop with the purchase either, it's very likely there will other reasons to transfer
funds such as maintenance, spending money for holidays, and mortgage payments.

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