Pyramid Healthcare Creates a Slide Show on Categories of Alcohol Addiction

December 21, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
The Pennsylvania-based alcohol rehabilitation provider, Pyramid Healthcare, has published a slide show illustrating the different types of alcohol addiction. The results of a national survey that studied data from 1,484 adults with alcohol dependence revealed that there are five distinct categories that individuals with alcohol dependence were associated with: Young Adult Subtype, Young Antisocial Subtype, Functional Subtype, Intermediate Familial Subtype, and Chronic Severe Subtype.

The study ultimately showed that alcohol dependence typically starts during an individual's teen and young adult years with 53% of alcoholics (Young Adult and Young Antisocial) becoming alcohol dependent by age 20 and many more with some level of early onset drinking. While alcoholism can also increase a person's likelihood of using other substances, such as cigarettes, marijuana, and various illegal drugs, an alcoholic may also be able to maintain stable relationships and steady employment, as with the Functional Subtype.

Only 9% of those with alcohol addiction fit the typical image of an alcoholic: middle-aged, divorced, co-occurring psychiatric disorders, illicit drug use, and a criminal history. However, two-thirds of Chronic Severe Subtype alcoholics seek treatment, making them the most prevalent type in recovery programs. Young Adult alcoholics rarely seek treatment, but over one-third of Young Antisocial alcoholics do. While attending Alcoholics Anonymous or other 12-step programs is the most common form of treatment that individuals pursue, only a small portion attempt to seek help.

While researchers and clinicians have been able to recognize a diversity within those with alcohol dependence, this study has helped identify patterns of what treatments work best with different subtypes. It has also helped others more easily recognize alcoholism when it appears in individuals without the obvious symptoms that appear within the Chronic Severe Subtype.

Similarly, Pyramid's slide show is designed to inform its audience that people with alcohol dependence can exhibit a range of different symptoms and present different degrees of functionality in personal and professional life. However, in all cases, alcoholism is a disease that has a severe impact on a person's health and well-being, and alcohol dependence treatment is beneficial despite appearances of stability.

To learn more about the characteristics of the subtypes of alcoholics, see the full slide show:

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