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January 13, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Our four-legged pals are more than just "pets." In most cases, Fido and Felix act as our favorite playmate, best friend and extended family member. Steadfast and loyal, pets are helping their parents live fuller lives. In return for their unconditional love, there is a growing demand for premium pet products. In fact, this market has spurred a surprisingly progressive and competitive industry that helps pets eat, play and live better lives every day. Here is just a taste of the latest pet products on the market, brought to you by Matrix Partners, that are preferred among pets and their parents.

Launched in January of 2012, Spring Naturals™, makers of premium dinners and treats for pets, has quickly established their brand as one of the premier options in the pet food aisle. Their wholesome recipes – including dinners and treats for dogs in Whole Grain and varieties – use only the highest quality ingredients. Domestically sourced, real meat is always the #1 ingredient, followed by healthful superfoods like eggs, quinoa, blueberries, and spinach.

Spring Naturals recipes are based on the company's "Whole Food Nutrition" philosophy that a balanced blend of real meat, poultry or fish combined with whole vegetables, whole fruits and wholesome grains is a more balanced and better way to nurture your pet. And pet parents who read food and treat packaging labels will find it reassuring that every Spring Naturals product is made in a USDA-inspected facility right here in the USA, with no ingredients sourced from China. Spring Naturals has been recognized and approved by many expert pet nutrition sources, including The Whole Dog Journal.

Serving your pet a raw diet is another superior option. The line of Bravo!® pet products is based on a few simple but powerful differences, like using only the most superior meats and ingredients. The vegetables are Grade-A, picked at the peak of the season and flash frozen to retain their maximum nutritional value. Their simple, raw recipe formulations and honest-to-goodness approach to nourishing pets' carnivorous instincts promote a long and healthy life. Plus, raw-feeding can help reduce allergy symptoms, support a healthy skin and coat, promote a healthy digestive system, and increase mobility in senior pets.

Bravo now offers two new lines of all-natural feline treats. Healthy Bites are freeze-dried, grain-free morsels that are made from 100 percent pure muscle meat. For more targeted nutritional benefits, try their new Healthy Medleys. Created specifically to nurture the nutritional needs of cats, these recipes include a selection of important meats and organs, plus easily absorbable vitamins and minerals. Look for the resealable Healthy Bites and Healthy Medley treat pouches in flavors that cats crave.

Looking for a healthy, meaty treat? Try new USA-made indigo Smokehouse Strips™ by PetSafe®. Made with real, premium cut chicken and bacon sourced from the USA, the PetSafe® indigo Smokehouse Strips™ are the first meaty treat of its kind that are vacuum-sealed for safety and freshness. The USDA-inspected smoked and cured meats are free of by-products, artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. The Smokehouse Strips were recently recognized by the industry's leading trade publications, including Pet Product News International, receiving the coveted Editors' Choice Award in August 2013, and Pet Business, receiving the Innovation Recognition Award in December 2013!

Also, mark your calendar and celebrate Pet Dental Month this February. With PetSafe's new indigo™ Fresh family, it's easy to protect your pet's health without lifting a toothbrush. The new, diverse three-product family of brush-free dental treats is made with the active ingredient hexametaphosphate (HMP). Widely used and even found in human toothpastes, it has been proven to help safely reduce plaque and tartar in dogs by up to 80 percent! Look for and stock up on the indigo™ Fresh Floss Bones, indigo™ Fresh Dental Sticks and indigo™ Fresh Dental Sauce for a squeaky-clean and fresh smelling 2014.

Like us, pets can suffer from mindless eating, overconsumption and eating too quickly. The negative effect of each is worse than the last and can lead to vomiting, choking, obesity, and 'bloat' – a potentially fatal condition for dogs. To help pet parents prevent these unhealthy eating habits and make meal time fun, The Company of Animals has expanded their line of training and lifestyle products to include a diverse and dynamic selection of innovative feeders. With products like the GREEN Feeder, GREEN Mini and Cat Catch, plus the Buster DogMaze and a complete set of Nina Ottosson games, pets can draw on their natural instincts for a challenging and rewarding experience.

And if your pup is an equally enthusiastic walker, with the habit of pulling, tugging or lurching, try the HALTI® OPTIFIT headcollar. Like the original, patented HALTI design, the OPTIFIT naturally prevents dogs from pulling in an effective, friendly and humane way. Pets and parents will appreciate the generous layer of neoprene padding along the noseband's interior and reflective webbing, for increased nighttime safety. Keenly designed in three size options with sturdy, plastic sliding buckles, the HALTI OPTIFIT is a cinch to dress and fit. 

Pet parents also want their felines to live an active life – one that involves a healthy amount of jumping and scratching. But that can be rough on your home furniture if the right resources aren't available to kitty. That's why Imperial Cat has created the modern Tower Scratcher. The latest addition to the popular Scratch 'n Shapes™ line complements any décor and provides an appropriate scratching outlet, plus doubles as a vertical play space. Choose to use it as a perch or a lounger – the middle section even pulls out and becomes a separate scratcher. Made from recycled corrugated cardboard and printed with soy inks, each Imperial Cat Scratch 'n Shapes is eco-friendly and proudly made in the USA. Snag a cheeky scratcher design for Fluffy and choose from everything from tigers, to dachshunds, to a matching chair and ottoman set.

Wholistic Pet Organics™ adds to their National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) approved product line with new palatable, functional soft chews. Cold-pressed to retain their nutritive value, these bite-sized supplements are formulated for purity, potency and flavor.

  • Canine Complete™ Soft Chews. Formulated with Certified Organic raw, whole-food ingredients for Total Body Health™. Available in 60 and 120 count containers for dogs.
  • Feline Complete™ Soft Chews. A blend of Certified Organic raw, whole-food ingredients for Total Body Health™. Available in feline-friendly 150 count containers for cats.
  • Digest-All+™ Soft Chews. Packed with prebiotics, probiotics and enzymes to support a healthy digestive system. Available in 60 and 120 count for dogs and specialty 150 count containers for cats.
  • Run Free™ Soft Chews. A proprietary blend of all-natural ingredients ideal for supporting hip and joint mobility. Available in 60 and 120 count for dogs and specialty 150 count containers for cats.
  • WholeCran Intense™ Soft Chews. A powerful antioxidant-rich formula that helps promote urinary tract health. Available in 60 and 120 count for dogs and specialty 150 count containers for cats.

  • Wholistic Pet Organics nutritional supplements and health products for pets are made with the finest ingredients, the majority of which are Certified Organic and whole, unprocessed foods that promote optimal animal health. And every single item in the line is made in the USA.

    Another newsworthy product line is by Gold Paw Series, a band dedicated to providing practical, versatile dogwear for canines of all shapes, sizes and breeds. The Stretch Fleece popover jacket is a signature product from Gold Paw Series, made with recycled polyester and 7 percent spandex for a 4-way stretch and unbelievably soft, velvet-like finish. Best yet, it machine washes like a dream. Available in solid, print and reversible color options, plus this season's most stylish colors – Eggplant and Robin Egg Blue. This is one indulgence you won't have to feel guilty about, because Gold Paw Series garments are made with low-impact dyes, sewn in the USA and are Bluesign certified. Even the tags are made with recycled materials!

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