Toronto Cop Gets Pink Manicure as Breast Cancer Awareness Month Comes to a Close

December 27, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
If the many pink ribbons, pink signs, and people dressed in pink haven't clued you in already, October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month. All across North America, people have been wearing pink, fundraising to raise awareness about breast cancer, and supporting those who are currently battling. People go all out for this worthy cause everywhere, and Toronto is no exception. The police force set a fundraising goal and decided that if they reached it, their Staff Sgt. Chris Boddy would have to get his nails painted pink as part of the ManiCURE program. Sure enough, they reached their goal and Chris Boddy made a trip to the salon to get his nails painted. The ManiCURE program is a great way to show your support for women with breast cancer especially if you're using non-toxic nail polish made by companies like ByNubar rather than the typical nail polish that contains carcinogens.

This month the Canadian Cancer Society began a ManiCURE fundraiser that provided several different ways to raise money and support breast cancer. The Canadian Cancer Society partnered up with salons across the nation to collect money for breast cancer. Participating salons offered to do pink manicures for anyone who wanted to wear their support on their nails and then donate the proceeds to the Canadian Cancer Society. They also agreed to host nail polish parties at homes, schools, and work and donate the proceeds. Finally, many schools and work places set a fundraising goal and elected a member, usually male, to pink up his nails for a day if they reached their goal. Staff Sgt Chris Broddy was one proud example of this program, proudly wearing pink nails after his office met their fundraising goal.

For those looking for a good way to show their support for breast cancer fighters and survivors, pink nails are a great way to do it. Not only do you donate money to the cause, you can wear the pink all month long. Instead of having to plan your outfits around the pink, everyday you can wear what you want while still proudly displaying your bright pink on your nails. Even for those who aren't headed in to a salon for a manicure, choosing a great pink nail polish brand and doing it at home will allow you to show your support while having great looking nails. offers great, long lasting shades of pink that are also non-toxic and non-carcinogenic, which is important for your health and especially relevant during Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month may have ended, but there is never a wrong time to raise awareness and support those who are fighting cancer. With so many great shades of pink to wear, feel free to sport a brilliant shade of pink on your nails and show your support any month of the year.