Dog Wish Works with Family Affected by Prader–Willi Syndrome

December 28, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Winchester, CA – Dog Wish, a non-profit organization specializing in breeding and training psychiatric service dogs, is now working with a family in Alabama affected by a debilitating genetic condition. The son was born with Prader–Willi syndrome and his condition has taken a significant toll on the entire family. Now, a service dog trained by Dog Wish will become part of this family and help the boy and his parents to be more neurologically balanced, alleviate stress and perform other complex tasks.

"Our service dogs are uniquely trained to help patients and their families affected by psychiatric and genetic disorders such as Prader-Willi syndrome," said Bob Taylor, dog trainer and founder of Dog Wish. "Unlike traditional service animals, Dog Wish dogs are trained to recognize unwanted neurological behaviors, alert others of the handler's intentions and detect possible anomalies in the brain that can develop into serious neurological conditions," Taylor added.

As the nation's leading trainer of pre-seizure, stroke and brain aneurism service dogs, Dog Wish's animals are not only there for emotional support, but have been extensively conditioned with advanced training to detect, understand and respond to the mental, emotional and physical conditions of their handlers. Psychiatric service dogs' primary functions include shielding handlers against stress, helping them to communicate better, helping handlers detect and respond to neurological problems for the handler before they become critical problems. A psychiatric service dog's tasks are designed to enhancing their handler's ability to function more normally in day-to-day life.

About Dog Wish:
Dog Wish is a charitable non-profit organization that trains top quality service dogs and places them with those with autism, dementia, PTSD, seizures, and more, at cost-effective rates. For over thirty years, Dog Wish has offered the best in dog training for working dogs, service dogs, and family pets. Founder Bob Taylor has been honored for his work by several organizations, like The Red Cross, Make-A-Wish Foundation, the German Shepherd Dog Club, and others.

During the past several years Taylor has trained over 300 service dogs for the disabled community, and Dog Wish continues to provide and place dogs trained on a level that changes the lives of everyone who owns them. To learn more about how service dogs trained by Dog Wish help patients and families affected by neurological and psychiatric disorders, visit