Whey Natural! USA® Shares Information on a New Daily Workout Exercise Diary and 30 Day Fitness Challenge and Fitness Challenge Kit

December 28, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Gainesville, FL Known for their innovative, all natural protein powder, Whey Natural! USA®, has unveiled a new Daily Workout Diary and 30 Day Challenge Kit which are currently available online to help their customers follow a successful path to fitness and health. This information comes with great value to those who are actively seeking a means of getting into better shape regardless of their current fitness level or age. According to Whey Natural! USA®, it is highly recommended to use Whey Natural! USA® Whey Protein twice daily. in tandem with the Daily Workout Exercise Diary as a road map to reach each individuals optimum results and goals. The 30 Day Challenge Kit is the tool to make all these goals happen.

Studies show that people who use diaries make more progress than those who do not, therefore Whey Natural! USA® has made their daily workout diary a focal point for the kit. Along with the Daily Workout Exercise Diary, Whey Natural! USA® is also including a Pedusa PE-771 tri-axis multi-function pocket pedometer with a belt clip holster, Serious Steel Medium Resistance Exercise Band, Orbitape body tape measure, a 20 oz. blender bottle, along with a sample of each of Whey Natural! USA®'s whey protein super food. Also included are a special 30 Day Challenge tee shirt and a coupon worth 10% off a single purchase of Whey Natural! USA® protein products. To further promote the 30 Day Fitness Challenge Kit, Whey Natural! USA will reward customers who complete the 30 day Fitness Challenge by showcasing the customers on their website. All customers need to do is send in before-and-after pictures, a brief testimonial, and a copy of the Monthly Exercise Diary Summary for the opportunity to be highlighted on the Whey Natural! USA® website. As an added incentive Whey Natural! USA® is also offering customers who complete the challenge and submit their stats an additional one time 10% discount toward any future purchase and a chance to win prizes in the thousands of dollars.

In a little over two years, Whey Natural! USA® has become a recognized force within the health and fitness communities. By utilizing a proprietary technology and process known as Chill-Right®, Whey Natural! USA® offers the cleanest, richest, most effective, and all-natural whey protein on the market without being subjected to heat and no chemical additives. For more information on Whey Natural! USA® and their products please visit: http://wheynaturalusa.com/.

About Whey Natural! USA
Since its establishment in 2011, Whey Natural! USA® has provided the fitness industry with the most high-quality, truly all-natural whey protein available on the market. Derived from the milk of grass pasture fed cows on Amish farms in upstate New York and put through an unconventional pasteurization process known as Chill-Right®, Whey Natural! USA® has been able to deliver a superior product to their customer which has propelled Whey Natural! USA® into becoming one of the most revered and exciting names in the fitness industry and used by many professional elite athletes today.