Perfect Home Living announces National Advertising Campaign

December 14, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Salt Lake City, UT/ Press Release/ — Perfect Home Living, creators of “link-chain” accountability for law enforcement agencies, financial institutions regulated by the FDIC and OTS and Land Title professionals that seek to identify and prosecute criminals involved in mortgage fraud has taken its commitment in removing perpetrators of mortgage fraud to the next level.

Today, Perfect Home Living announced that it will air the first wave of its national advertising campaign seeking out publAbout Perfect Home Living

Perfect Home Living assists in implementing programs and providing training to financial institutions regulated by the FDIC and state and federal crime task force units that address mortgage fraud related crimes. Additionally, Perfect Home Living is fastly becoming a leader within the real estate industry for connecting families facing foreclosure with Perfect Home Living’s national referral network of secured licensed real estate industry professionals. Perfect Home Living’s referral network members are deemed credible to provide testimony in courts of law throughout the United States. For more information or to request assistance from Perfect Home Living please visit us online at:
ic and private sector support of its services and training programs aimed at combating mortgage fraud.

“The time for us is now,” said Michael Blackburn, Director of Operations for Perfect Home Living. “All across the country families are suffering because either people don’t know what they are looking for when it comes to mortgage fraud because of its complicated nature or in the case of federal law enforcement; their investigative dollars have been shifted to combating Post 9/11 terrorism.”

Perfect Home Living's advertising campaign "Mortgage Fraud - Seeing What's Behind the Wall" is the first in a series of advertising campaigns that Perfect Home Living has launched to combat mortgage fraud and be viewed online:

"Our advertising campaign speaks to law enforcement, legislative policy makers, licensed real estate industry professionals and the general public. The message we are sending is loud and clear, Perfect Home Living is a definitive partner in the war on mortgage fraud," Blackburn added.

Perfect Home Living first made headlines in 2004, when CEO, Sheri Fitzpatrick, was unknowingly recruited by one of today’s most sophisticated mortgage fraud rings operating in the western United States.

Since such time, Perfect Home Living has been recruited by both federal and state level law enforcement agencies and key political figures with talking points, training and the identification of mortgage fraud.

“With Georgia having the only mortgage fraud law on the books, we know that we have our work cut out for us. In Utah, we’ve worked closely with State Rep. Paul Ray and the Real Estate Mortgage Fraud (RMF) Task Force. The result of those efforts comes in ’06, with the introduction of a bill that allows mortgage fraud cases to be prosecuted under Utah’s Anti-racketeering laws,” said Sheri Fitzpatrick, CEO of Perfect Home Living.

“Our goal with these ads is to bring an overall sense of awareness that real estate fraud is surging and that by utilizing Perfect Home Living’s database mortgage fraud can be stopped. Lender’s rather than passing the buck of repackaging the loans to another lender or Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac can now have transparency into each transaction as they happen. For the first time, we can see who the persons are that are responsible for committing these acts and hold them and their companies responsible,” Sheri added.