Nationally Recognized Chiropractor Cracks the Subconscious Success Code

January 09, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
Phoenix, Arizona (January 9, 2014) - Dr. Matt Mannino was trained as a Chiropractor, but he didn't want to stop at learning how the nervous system worked in healing the body. Instead, Mannino went on a path of discovery into the depths of how a specific part of the Autonomic Nervous System (known as the subconscious) dictates patterns and results in our lives. Fast forward 8 years, and Dr. Matt (as he is casually known) has built a personal development system around the principles of neuroscience, quantum physics, and faith.

Mannino states, "As a Chiropractor, I saw how interference in a person's nervous system led to distortion, disease, and discomfort. As I studied personal growth and development, I identified similar neurological mechanisms at work creating psychological, emotional, and behavioral issues. These key elements were missing from most other personal transformation systems." Students of Mannino's work have seen amazing life changes (which he refers to as "breakthrough's") ranging from finding the right job, growing their businesses in a down economy, having hope restored, to finding healing when traditional routes have failed. One may ask how so many people have found their answers to a variety of challenges in his system? According to Mannino, "My system helps people realize that the answers they are seeking are already within them and that their nervous system holds the key for their healing, renewal, and growth in every area of life."

To help people start the year off on the right foot, Dr. Mannino is holding a 2 ½ day personal transformation event called "Breakthrough to the Real YOU!" in the Phoenix area on the weekend of January 24-26, 2014. Among other topics, participants will learn what's holding them back from seeing change; including the change necessary to keep their New Year resolutions. Prior to the event, Mannino is holding a free preview of the weekend workshop at his office in Gilbert on January 14th at 7:30pm. To register for the free preview, visit: and to learn more about Dr. Matt's upcoming weekend event, visit:

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About Dr. Matt Mannino
Dr. Matt Mannino is the founder of Source Trainings, a neuroscience based personal achievement company and the Creator of the Quantum Emergence® System, a groundbreaking 5 Step Personal Transformation System. As a Chiropractor, he built one of the largest solo Chiropractic practices in the nation seeing 1,000 patients per week. As an expert and innovator in the neurosciences, Dr. Matt has taken his system of personal transformation into businesses, churches, and nonprofit organizations nationwide. His seminars, keynotes, and systems are designed and created to maximize learning and bridge the gap between intangible theories and down to earth "how to" applications. Dr. Matt believes that every human being has been created with divine potential and abilities and the goal of Source Trainings, LLC is to help people discover and apply this truth. Over the past 20 years, he has helped thousands of people reach a greater level of health, wealth, and life fulfillment. Learn more at