Legacy Releases a Video on Energy Efficient Replacement Windows

January 11, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Legacy Remodeling, a Pittsburgh home remodeling agency, published a video to inform homeowners in the Allegheny County area of the benefits of replacement windows. In winter in Western Pennsylvania, energy inefficiencies become painfully obvious when energy bills hike up well above what they should be and drafts filter through homes. Typically, the older the windows, the more heat is lost through them. What homeowners should know is that replacement windows can save residents 40% in energy costs. Not only can new energy efficient replacement windows lower bills and make homes more comfortable, but by lowering a home's energy consumption, they will also lower greenhouse gas emissions from energy providers and reduce a home's carbon footprint.

In general for a single-story home, about 15-22% of the home's heat will be lost through its windows. Most of this heat is lost through conduction, which occurs when heat is transferred directly from one molecule to another. Single-pane windows are particularly prone to this because the same pane of glass is exposed to indoor and outdoor air. Conduction is exactly what double-pane windows aim to limit. The gas filling (typically argon) increases the thermal resistance of the windows, making conduction occur at a slower rate. The rate of heat transfer is the U-factor, which is one of five standard energy performance ratings required by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC). The lower the U-factor, the more insulation the window has. The ENERGY STAR qualified windows U-factor requirements change based on climate. For the Northern climate (encompassing Pennsylvania), the U-factor for ENERGY STAR qualified windows cannot exceed 0.30 Btu/h.ft2.

The Restorations replacement windows carried by Legacy actually exceeds ENERGY STAR performance guidelines and offers 27% more viewing area than other replacement windows. Legacy also offers a lifetime no service charge warranty, keeping homeowners protected against potential maintenance charges.

To learn more about how Legacy can help you save on energy bills through new windows, watch the full video: http://www.legacyremodel.com/why-use-legacy-replacement-windows-video/

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