Express Cleaning Supplies A Spraymaster To Clean Up

January 14, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Express Cleaning Supplies will supply just about everything the cleaning industry will require in the course of its daily work. The company prides itself on supplying excellent products at a great price in double quick time and has become a good place to go to for that major piece of equipment. Carpet cleaning has become a speciality of Express Cleaning Supplies and they supply a range of carpet cleaners that start with the household carpet cleaners and go through the range up to the truck mounted machines.

Carpet cleaning is usually a specialised item and Express Cleaning Supplies supply to the professional carpet cleaning trade and also to the industries that require carpet cleaning on a regular basis and wish to have the in house ability to do it themselves. The hotel, catering, care home and hospital trades are a few of those that fit that requirement. Bearing this in mind Express Cleaning Supplies are pleased to supply the Spraymaster 25 Carpet Cleaner. This is an excellent cleaner that suits both sorts of operation. It is ideal for the professional carpet cleaner who deals with the household cleaning as it is small enough to easily transport into the home or office but has enough capacity to deal with most jobs that are encountered. The Spraymaster range of carpet cleaners also fit ideally with the hotel or care home or other business that has to deal with that midnight or weekend emergency where an accident may occur which requires urgent attention.

Express Cleaning Supplies are pleased to promote the Spraymaster 25 Carpet Cleaner as it is ideal for easy set up and operation. This carpet cleaner weighs only 11 kgs and is very compact so that it is easy to move into the area where the cleaning is required, it has the pressure hose fitted inside the suction hose to reduce tripping and snagging problems and has a 6 wheel system to allow quick and easy movement of the carpet cleaning machine. The working width is some 26 cm which gives a good cleaning width and there is an 11 litre clean water tank and a 14 litre dirty water tank so that this allows a reasonable cleaning time before there is a need to replace the clean water or remove the dirty water. The working pressure is 2.5 bar and an intelligent pressure switch, which stops any pump damage. The Spraymaster 25 Carpet Cleaner is a sturdy machine and one, which will be ideal for the general operator. Training should always be taken to work the machine correctly and carpet cleaning should always be carried out in well ventilated conditions to reduce any problems with cleaning liquid fumes, which may occur. can supply all the different types of cleaning detergents that are required and are able to advise and supply full details on the safety aspects of their usage. The safety aspect of carpet cleaning is paramount as the cleaning materials can have some toxic, flammable and irritant problems which must be avoided at all costs but for the Spraymaster 25 and its cleaning materials Express Cleaning Supplies are among the best suppliers.